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The second half should have been better. After regaining power, Yama sends Raja back to earth. Soon, Raja and Yama meet face-to-face in an abandoned temple. This time, Yama decides that he and Chitragupta will enter Bhulokam Earth.

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The movie ends with Yama being caught by his wife Kushboo. You have already rated this movie. Rajamouli Indian romantic comedy films s fantasy films Indian fantasy films Indian religious comedy films Films featuring an item number. Ringing voltage is produced by various sources. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil.

The rest of the story is all about how senior Yama and Raja try to outsmart each other. The writer seems to have got inspired by the following films to write this story. Ali contributed a lot to the film in entertainment section.

Typically, solid-state oscillators have replaced them. Dialogues are adequate Yama Pasama! Keeravani Cinematography K. Get Activation Code New User?

Telephones with electromagnetic ringers are still in widespread use. Jayaprakash Reddy and Raghubabu did the roles of baddies.

Rajamouli and featured Jr. The ringing current originally operated an electric bell. Raja finds out about the cruelty that Mahi has suffered and decides to fight back against her cruel family. If you look at earlier Yama films, it is Chitra Gupa who does the mistake and Yama tries to resolve the issue. The journey of the medal from the beginning of the film to the end of the film is very well conceived.

The fifth schedule of them film, also in Abu Dhabi started in late-February. The way he moves his body to seemingly unbelievable dance movement in Nachore song is amazing. Naresh suited the role of Naradudu very well. But the director has shown Yama Dharma Raju as a mean guy who kills a man to take personal revenge against him. Yama observes it and makes sure that Raja gets killed in the next few days, though he is entitled for the full life of years.

Thank you for submitting your review. The South can't have enough of Daler. Vijayendra Prasad Starring Jr. After, this, the sixth schedule of the film would start in Mid-March in locations like Dubai and Romania.

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On the flip side, his hair style is inconsistent throughout the film. Rajamouli and produced by Urmila Gangaraju and P. He used the right lighting for all scenes and the camerawork suited the mood of the film. Raja gets drunk and insults Yama again. Raja promises festivals and parties and to make Hell better than Heaven.

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Direction of the film is adequate. The introduction part, Yama embodying himself into lady character etc. Yama attempts to create havoc in Raja's life.

However, the lead scenes to songs are not properly done. The basic concept of a man going to Yamalokam and coming back.

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Telugu Movie review - Yamadonga. Yamadonga is a different film for the mass director Rajamouli. Here are the following observations on Yamadonga.