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May Allah bless upon you for the effort that was taken in providing us thus. Be kind to us, forgive us and show mercy to us. Lord, lay not on us the kind of burden that we have not the strength to bear. Can u plz upload the lyrics of another arabic.

Ya Taiba Ya Taiba Arabic MP3 Naat

Ahmad Hussain Ya Taiba Download Arabicurdu Nasheed Musica

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What is the meaning of this song? Can you tell me the origin of the song, where it is sung and for what occasions? Hi I love this song - I am English and am using it with some arabic patients who have suffered a brain injury. As-salam, It touch my soul, registration for internet manager with serial number it wisper in my ears.

Whats the lyrics of ya taiba ya taiba? Related Questions Whats the lyrics to ya taiba in arabic?

Ya Taiba Arabic Naat Cover By Yumna Ajin Mp3 Song

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