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We are looking for diverse couples African American, Latino, mixed, etc. Pregnancy can be a stressful time in your life. The men of the show Impractical Jokers are getting a game show. We just aren't sure they can.

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Social Media has made our lives much more public, a new show is casting couples to explore how it affects their relationships. They don't come off as good-time girls who just want to keep partying. After a pretty bad date last week, Rachel has decided to quit fucking around and enlist the help of a professional matchmaker, Louie. Tell him we'll pay for his flight and hotel. Advertisement Not so much, it turns out.

If so read on because

Okay, but we need to give her something to do this week. But back to this show, and why you should answer the casting call.

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Social Media has made our lives

America's Got Talent is holding Tryouts for season. If so, read on because a major network show is looking for couples nationwide. Tweet Pregnant and Dating is casting for their second season of and if you fit the criteria you should totally do it.

America's Got Talent is holding

We aren't sitting back and chuckling at these women. We want them to get what they need.

Other than Taco Tuesday, we don't know exactly why these women got pregnant. In fact, I'll be very impressed if you can make it through a whole date's worth of his smooth-talking gigolo routine without laughing in his face. If a woman is comfortable starting a new relationship while pregnant, I am totally behind her. They all want someone to share what's coming, though they couch it in different terms. Frankly, I feel the time she's devoting to finding her babies a father might be better spent rubbing olive oil into her parts, but she didn't ask me.