Water hookup kit

Water hookup kit

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Cutting into existing piping, I never seem to get all the water out of the lines and heating the joint without starting a fire is a challenge. Added a shut off valve behind the refrigerator to avoid needing to go down to the basement to turn off the water.

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Replaced my old self puncture saddle valve to this kit to increase the water pressure in the fridge water dispenser. Well worth the money and is easy to use, once you get the hang of pushing them onto the pipe. My copper line broke because movement of pulling out refrigerator for cleaning. The tubing appears to allow much more flow that the old copper tubing and the water dispenser fills a glass in a few seconds without any splashing. Besides the obvious ease of connection, I love that it has a quarter-turn shutoff.

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So I wanted to try this product. It also comes with some decorative covers that conceal the connection points.

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Had forgotten exactly where the old shut off valve was and came up short. Gave myself a pat on the back and put away my tools.

Gave myself a pat on the

No saddle valve to fail, no copper tubing bend and plant of peace of mind with no leaks after a year. Well this not only gave me a safer connection, but increased the overall water pressure to where it totally solved the problem. Water on, purged air from the line s. Higher price then other products but it was a quick easy installation.