Actress Lee Soo Kyung reveals she's in a relationship

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Reports say that they have been dating for five months. After being rumored to be a couple for a few weeks, recent photos prove that the rumor may be true. Nam Joo Hyuk is the best boyfriend. He even considers Park Soo Jin as his ideal type but nothing more than that. They both first promoted as models before debuting as actors.

The fans have absolutely no opinions regarding his love life. She will appear in the December issue of fashion magazine Marie Claire. This man is wearing a bucket hat. This woman is wearing a bucket hat. Their chemistry in the drama was a hot topic.

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Lee has had plastic surgery for her visuals. From being really close actor friends, they have now become a couple. In some photos, they were wearing similar hats and masks while entering the same car. Many people believed that the man was Joo Hyuk since a few eyewitnesses stated that they saw the two at the concert. Their on-screen chemistry as well as their off-screen friendship made people want them to be a real couple.

It was my first movie, so I acted with a sense of responsibility. The only discerning detail about her are her legs.

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She has won several awards as a model and an actress as well. They fell in love while filming a drama, and continued the relationship after it ended.

Actress Lee Soo Kyung reveals she's in a relationship

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