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The proper way out of this dilemma is for the yarn producer and the yarn processor to jointly develop detailed specifications or requirement profiles for specific end uses. The fiber opening unit works by aero-mechanical separation to separate trash particles and large seed-coat fragments from the fibers. Leading retailers therefore are making huge efforts to avoid such issues. The outlier limit depends on the scatter plot shape and may differ for various types of yarns.

Show related SlideShares at end. Based on spectrograms and diagrams, it is easy to eliminate the sources of defects. Secondly, there are rare yarn faults, which occur at such irregular intervals that at least km of yarn has to be tested to ensure reliable detection.

For many retailers, there has been a severe impact on operating profits, because of claims. The dependence on time is predominantly related to the state of technology of the productive assets and the technological know-how prevalent in the industry. Quick deliveries are needed. It is a true fact of life that nobody can spin a world-class yarn from coarse wool or short and weak cotton fibers even if the latest and best machinery is employed.

Clean Technology, Smart Factory. There are two possible twist directions, Z and S. It is predominantly caused by the variability of the tested material itself. Knitting yarns also possess a higher hairiness. The absolute breaking strength of such fibers is much lower due to the lack of cellulose in the fiber cell wall.

Successfully reported this slideshow. All and any information contained in this document is non-binding. As opposed to weaving yarns, for instance, knitting yarns produced from cotton, man- made fibers, or blends thereof are spun at low twist multipliers. As a result, conditioning and testing must be carried out under constant standard atmospheric conditions. Absolute twist The absolute twist is the amount of twist per meter or twist per inch, respectively.

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USTER Statistics 2013 edition scheduled for release by year-end

Changes in the industry through globalization have been dramatic. Experience proves that in the majority of all cases, poor processing results are to some extent related to the fibrous material processed. Typical hygroscopic fibers are cotton, wool, rayon, silk, flax, etc. These factors should be thoroughly investigated before making adjustments in the process or at individual machines.

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This value describes the long protruding fibers of a yarn. The following table lists the testing conditions and the sample sizes. Good Results for Saurer in and New Investments. Time is also a factor in determining the overall economic environment, the supply and demand situation, as well as general consumer attitudes and behavior. The outlier limit depends on the yarn body shape and may differ for various yarn types.


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USTER STATISTICS is Out On - Textilegence Magazine and Digital PlatformUster Technologies

However, much as the bobbin unwinding behavior today is the limiting factor for winding speed, it is also the main reason for these changes in yarn structure. Deviations are calculated based on the results of bobbins, which are considered as reference. Many instrument users are well familiar with these aspects to begin with and specialized literature which focuses on these topics is readily available. Therefore, changes in tenacity, elongation, and work-to-break as well as evenness, imperfections, and defect levels must be expected.

It is rare for any merchant to have firm orders before entering into a contract. Data now also takes in the increasingly popular air-jet yarns, as well as the currently fashionable cotton and elastomer core yarns.

With the help of the Uster Statistics, fraps.exe the mill can identify performance gaps and pinpoint key performance indicators for optimization of the production process. Retailers can take advantage of the Uster Statistics to optimize costs in their supply chain by defining their specific needs according to the quoted values.

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Therefore, it is important to monitor the evenness of the roving regularly. It depends on a multitude of factors, most of which are an intrinsic function of time. Also, the yarn with the lower twist has a larger diameter.

Likewise, there are cottons which have a tendency to more strongly resist nep removal in carding. Prior to testing, the samples must be conditioned under constant standard atmospheric conditions until in moisture equilibrium with the surrounding air.

While developing these different testing instruments, often the first of their kind, Uster also had to invent either the measuring method or the suitable measurement parameters. National Center for Health Statistics. When such incidents are examined more closely, the result often is that the basic conditions listed above have been ignored or have simply not been identical in both testing locations. The range is indicative for the variation of the sensitive imperfection classes of the entire lot.