Ultimate List of Car Buying Scams

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Don't ever send money through unsecured payment networks such as Western Union. This is usually done on high demand, low supply vehicles that are hard to find. If they try to pull this scam, you'll have their promise in writing and a potential bait-and-switch penalty from the State Attorney General's Office. If you have not educated yourself about the elements of the four-square approach in advance, you are going to get very confused and the dealership is going to vacuum extra money from your wallet. For example, you may think you're negotiating for a model, turns out the dealer was negotiating based on a model.

Always inspect a new car for damage before driving off the lot. You might even get a better deal. If the new car is in your possession, it is less likely that you might want to back out of the agreement. They should not be, and are not necessary to get the deal done. Asking for personal information.

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The Low Payment Car Scams As a buyer, your monthly payment is important to your budget, and the dealer knows it. If the seller insists on a deposit, it might be time to look for a used car elsewhere.

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We also take a hard look at some of the auto insurance scams and the practices of the auto insurance companies. It's usually because that particular vehicle has been stagnating on the lot and likely comes with a bonus if he can get rid of it. Thoroughly check to make sure the vehicle comes with all agreed options and equipment before you leave the dealer lot. They'll have you walk around the car with them as they point out every single scratch, ding, dent, and worn out part.

You may be thinking this is harmless, but these curbstoners are not only breaking the law, but are usually selling vehicles with hidden problems that can affect its safety and value. Make sure to verify that it's a manufacturer backed program and not just a dealer certification. The number reflects a combination of how costly, common, and likely it is for consumers to fall victim to the scam. Use my negotiation techniques and don't worry if they try these tricks on you. Research the network to find out exactly what happens if you get scammed.

If a car dealer tells you they will pay off your trade even if you owe hundreds or thousands more than the car is worth, the dealer is being disingenuous. Cars are expensive to purchase, care for or insure and shysters have come up with many ways to divert your auto budget to their wallets. And if you are asked to deposit funds into an escrow account not of your own choosing, or to wire transfer a deposit to secure a deal, turn and walk away.

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They figure if they slap a certified sticker on a used car, they can sell it for more - and many do. While not all salvage vehicles are nightmares, per se, buyers do want to know what they're taking on when buying one.

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Scams to Avoid When Selling a Car