How To Update Mazda Satellite Navigation Maps

Updating mazda3 navigation system

Then press the button

Being up-to-date is as easy as following a few simple instructions. With access to voice commands, you can state your destination naturally, in one simple step. Your device has been updated. Fast Route Planning will always plan for the route that will take the least amount of time to arrive to your destination.

Then press the button on the right green. Hold the memory card as shown. Photorealistic images and a pulsing green arrow indicate exactly which lane to use. Most of the settings on your device can be accessed by tapping Settings in the Main menu.

See the manual for your device. You can also make your own changes.

How To Update Mazda Satellite Navigation Maps - Discover Your Mazda

Easily access local emergency providers such as police, fire stations, and hospitals. Your navigation device is linked to your MyTomTom account. Note that this may take a few seconds. Or, explore our ever-growing range of free user-generated voices.

Follow the prompts to

You may be asked to install the Mazda add-on. The update is now started. You can see a sliding door as shown in the picture. In the example shown above there is a new software update for your navigation device as well as a Map Share update. Map Share is a free offering for our customers that provides free updates to the map that were reported and shared by other TomTom customers.

Follow the prompts to install and start the application. Wait for this screen below to be shown. When completed the following screen is shown. See the manual for your computer for more information. Maps Access to the most current maps and traffic flow information will help your navigation system function more efficiently and accurately.

Hold the memory card

Emergency Menu Travel with peace of mind. Gracenote Media Database The Gracenote media database improves voice recognition of artist and album names. Your TomTom navigation device comes with many warning sounds pre-installed and you can easily install more.

Spoken Street Names Keep your eye on the road while your Mazda Navigation System announces turn-by-turn directions, including street and place names. Take the card to the computer that you are going to use to update the software on the card. It reminds you that you can make a backup of your memory card. Take the memory card out of the navigation device.

Photorealistic images andMost of the settings

See the manual for your computer. Locate the navigation device in your car. Insert the memory card again. Your Home location provides an easy way to plan a route to your home.