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Asset tracking and barcoding software that offers real-time asset reporting, movement records, asset images and availability status. The final part is that you can select a program to launch when the laptop is reported stolen - a good chance to run a tracking program, or activate your webcam and upload the photos it takes. Optimize field operations, increase efficiency, eliminate costs, and more. Learn more about Roambee Supply Chain Monitoring. Learn more about mAssetTag.

Asure SmartMove allows companies to efficiently manage people, space, and asset datawith just one system. From your desktop to your phone and even your tablet, UpKeep is easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Learn more about Asset Ping.

Not only is MyLaptopTracker's easy, it also takes a more stealthy approach to protection, but then it isn't a free package. This information may help you get the laptop back, or may be helpful evidence when you report the laptop as stolen.

Find and retrieve your lost or stolen laptop

Ensure that every worker has the right qualifications, permits and security clearance, so they are safe and ready to work. Learn more about SpaceRunner SpaceRunner is a web-based planning and management solution that visualizes equipment, assets, and other data on any virtual image, map or floor plan. You'll get email reports every half an hour, with various bits of information helping you locate your laptop.


SpaceRunner keeps all that information and more! Fixed assets tracking tool that enables retaining information about assets through summary reports and custom fields. Fill forms on-the-go, create work orders and set up alerts as you see fit.

Asset Tracking Software

Learn more about Scan-N-Track Track almost anything, anytime, anywhere. It has Remotekill option for the data encryption.

So these all are best Anti-Theft Tracking tools for your devices. Learn more about Asset Tracking App. Learn more about RedBeam Asset Tracking. Asset management software for municipalities. While good, the locking software isn't entirely secure, monsters university full movie but there's also support for Intel hardware locking if your device supports it.

Learn more about Assetware Tracking Fixed asset and inventory management software with asset tracking and barcode reading technology. If so, it gathers all the information and sends it to your Prey web control panel or directly to your mailbox. Payment Fusion Control Center provides healthcare technology and security teams with the tools to remotely secure, manage, and monitor.

Learn more about B-Tracker Asset management solution with features such as statistics, corrective maintenance, and geographic positioning. Location tracking, recover laptop data, remote destroy data.

Create your free account today. Wi-Fi positioning, webcam support, integrated police reports, online dashboard. If your computer is stolen, just log into your webserver to get the lastest file uploaded by Pombo, decrypt and hand it to the police. Your contact information is also displayed in case the laptop is simply lost, so a good Samaritan can contact you to return it. It also has ability to lock your hard disk of laptop so no one can have access to your personal data.

Best Asset Tracking Software

MyLaptopTracker seems to take the opposite approach to protecting your laptop compared to packages such as FrontDoorSoftware. Web based fleet management software with Tracking, Alerts, Reports, Scheduling, Elogs and Maintenance tools to help you run your fleet.

It collects statistics automatically. Asset management software for municipalities Learn more about Asset Management. An asset and management tracking system that is simple and easy to use with no complicated or expensive barcode equipment required.

TechRadar pro

Learn more about TrackItLog. Learn more about Simplify Wireless.

Track Laptop and Computer Location with GPS and Wi-Fi

The rule of thumb is to always install a tracing software. There's even more information included in the reports, which makes Prey easily one of the best laptop security applications we've tested and it's free.

You can remotly recover your files and then deleve all of them in case your laptop is stolen. So according to their statements, this program is very powerful and has ability to easily track your devices. Choosing the files and folders is very easy, and you can select to securely delete the data, so that data recovery tools can't access it. Learn more about AssetFinda.

The window sits on top of other windows, which could also prove annoying for thieves - except it can be easily closed through the task manager. Learn more about Capptions Our flexible platform is the modern solution for maintenance and asset management. Of most use is the incredibly handy RemoteKill option.

This option sorts the directory by those bids, highest to lowest. This enables you to encrypt files and folders remotely if the laptop is stolen. Track Facebook Messages for Windows. Schedule, manage and maintain portable and fixed equipment and facility inventories. If you had no tracking software installed prior to have it missing, nothing can be done.

Learn more about TrackerBox. Learn more about KwikInventory. An asset management solution that is automates the processes of acquisition, recording, allocation and distribution.

SaaS software for contract, building and facilities management. Losing your laptop is more than losing just a device because laptops, nowadays, contain sensitive information and data which is important to us. Not only is the financial loss tough to get over - laptops aren't cheap after all - but the loss of personal files, documents, photos and other data can be even more upsetting. Learn more about FleetLocate Asset. While it's not pin-point accurate enough to go and retrieve your laptop there and then - not that you should attempt to if it's been stolen - it at least gives you an idea of where it is.

Learn more about AssetGuardPro. Learn more about Workaware. It's a great addition, and if you're lucky the thief could be on a site that will help you recognise them, such as Facebook.