Karrueche Tran Rubbing Her New Boyfriend In Chris Brown Face

Tinashe and chris brown dating karrueche

Chris Brown and Tinashe inShe is keeping things private

These days, Karrueche is living her best life with her new boyfriend Victor Cruz and staying as far as possible from Chris Brown. Rather than be bitter towards Rihanna, Karrueche is instead embracing her one-time rival, and her fans are totally hear for it.

Chris Brown and Tinashe in her music video Brown is especially angry at Tinashe for a reason. Tinashe had never been so popular until she worked with him.

Brown was livid when he found out, as he helped her career with the duet, which brought her popularity, money sales and other financial opportunities in the industry. She also testified that he was abusive while they were together. Brown slammed Tinashe, Zendaya and the female group Fifth Harmony.

Several female singers becameRather than be bitter towards

However, there is another reason Brown is angry. Brown feels working with him helped her career and did nothing for his, as he is the bigger star. Sometimes Brown gets romantically involved with the women he does songs with, but keeps it private.

These days Karrueche

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Tinashe had never been so popular

Several female singers became angry at Brown, including Tinashe and another of his former collaborators, Zendaya, for mocking the suicide bid of recording artist, Kehlani. She is keeping things private, as he will get angry at her for dating. Tinashe Brown feels the song collaboration they did helped Tinashe's career in many ways and it did and as such she owed him some loyalty for the money and attention she brought him. Karrueche, Rihanna, and Chris Brown famously had a love triangle in which ended up in the Claws actress getting hurt and Breezy hooking up with his old flame RiRi at the time. Brown and Tinashe were romantically involved and kept it quiet, so for her to publicly disown Brown upset him.

Some fans are particularly surprised that she posted a photo of RiRi given their history involving Chris Brown, but clearly, homegirl is long past all that drama and is holding no grudges. Rihanna is on the cover of the British Vogue September issue, and it turns out that a slew of black women are on magazine covers going into the fall. Karrueche Tran In other Chris Brown news, his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, is quietly dating a blond man and separately seeing a woman.