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Even the Black cop was a bad stereotype. Now she'll stay in California! What's worse is that her sister actually seems to be a bad person and takes away all her money upon meeting her!

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He is surrounded by so many people and yet is lonely. Everyone, go back to Korea! She's looking for her sister but when she reaches the doorstep of the address she has she finds a White woman instead in the house instead of her sister. This love story feels a bit different since they both seem like people burdened with grief and will only seek comfort with each other. The girl is alone without money so the guy helps her.

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Was this review helpful to you? Lee Min Ho's Engrish was hard to understand at times too.

One moment she's sassing up the place, the next she's crying. Guess what else I learnt about his character?

Now that it has I grabbed the first opportunity I could to watch it. Even the mother-in-law trouble would be there, surely. Anyway, she goes alone to California, a completely foreign land in hope to meet her sister. Having horrible white actors in Korea is understandable but not when you're actually filming in America.

Park Shin Hye is a fantastic actress! Just the beginning we already know how he is unloved in this world. Lee Minho only appeared for five minutes, movie title fonts and I did not like his suffering personality.

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This is my first time watching him act, and I was impressed. But there's a reason I deviate to Asian dramas rather than American ones, and it does irritate me to see the beach bums so prominent. And what was with the American actors?

The storyline is the usual, no shock there. We've all seen that happen.

He's lived in America for years but his English needed subtitles. The rest of the cast didn't make an impact on me yet.

It feels like the summer vacation right now. What the heck was up with Lee Min Ho's English? So far so good, as I must say. Edit this Page Edit Information. So far everything is going great.

Why don't the episode play for me? She had crying twice in the first episode. For now it good I really enjoyed the first episode. He is not the only person who speaks English awkwardly. The one thing that killed this episode for me were the parts spoken in English.

His eyebrows are creepy and he's a jerk. And while Minhyuk is not the best actor out there, his character is really likable. Kim Tan fiancee remind me of Blaird Waldorf.

Krystal's acting in those two minutes was pretty bad. Top Actors Add New Person. And why is she so mean to her mom? Still I somehow wished this time Park Shin Hye wouldn't be stuck in the naive, crying girl role but alas! He seems to be like a bad American stereotype.

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Her sister is so mean though! Lee Min Ho's english is fine, but the American actors they've got to play the side characters are not. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. She cries a lot and I didn't like what she did to her mom. Our damaged, lonely-without-a-love-in-the-world Kim Tan empathizes with her and helps her out.

Everything in the background is shiny and yet we see Kim Tan Lee Min Ho looking out the window with a sad, brooding expression within the first few minutes. That okay, it didn't really bother me, but Park Shin Hye character is such a candy. The only thing that I would hate is the fact that Eun Sang left her mother and went to America and didn't she even state that she would want to live in America for good.

Pardon me if this seems inconsistent with the story because my Korean's not that great and yet I tried to understand very hard! Woobin, on the other hand, is really a good actor. Everything seems to be badly stereotyped. Now she's in California and has just found how her sister's been lying about her whereabouts. Please dear writer, do not make Park Shin Hye cry any more!

Park Shin Hye's character Eun Sang seems to me like a damsel in distress. It was a decent first episode.


Interesting start An interesting start to a drama with so much hype around it. Then she breaks down crying in front of everyone Kim Tan in particular.