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This Spanish actor has earned lots of fan followers as well as female attention. He got a two-year gap in between. His next screen presence was in the soap Tres Mujeres for the role of Ramiro Belmont. He is a Mexican actor, model, and singer who is often regarded as the Mexican Brad Pitt. He waits for his wife to whom he will be happily married and share himself completely.

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Before following the life of a celibate thirteen years ago, funcion expresiva ejemplos yahoo dating Verastegui was like any other regular guy. He is very much active on his Twitter account and keeps on updating his latest news. The actor focused on the fact that his celibacy has not hampered his dating life.

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Eduardo Verastegui is one such actor who has accomplished thirteen years of celibacy already. Biography Verastegui is a very popular Mexican actor as well as a model.

Eduardo Verástegui

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But being raised in a practicing Catholic family was a kind of a boon for the famous actor. It has been estimated that he receives an annual salary of five lakhs eighty-eight thousand two hundred and thirty-five dollars.

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But there is one such person who, despite being a popular actor and a heartthrob for female fans, has managed to stay away from women and sex. It was then when Verastesgui re-discovered his faith and vowed to change his lifestyle. His next screen presence was in the television show So?

His decision to follow a life of purity created a lot of buzz all over the media and among his fans. The model and actor also said that he had an extreme personality which is why he always accomplished whatever task his took up. He hails from Mexico and has a personal band name Kairo.

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His first ever screen presence was back in for the role of an unaccredited character in the soap Mi querida Isabel. Before his celibacy, he found success in music industry and in soap operas. While there, he started talking to a Hispanic couple who were going to the clinic for an abortion. He is born in a strict Catholic family. The former tele-novela star, who decided to follow celibacy, spoke to Spanish reporters about two years ago and explained that he wanted to remain celibate until he found his soul mate.

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