Scientology matchmaking

Scientology matchmaking

Foreign governments have been moving

Today the town is battling to keep out the cult, which has fought back through such tactics as sending private detectives to snoop on the mayor and the local newspaper publisher. Baker never got the money and, financially strapped, was forced to sell her house in September.

In the trade publication Publishers Weekly awarded the dead author a plaque commemorating the appearance of Dianetics on its best-seller list for consecutive weeks. Counseling sessions with the E-meter, he claimed, could knock out the engrams, cure blindness and even improve a person's intelligence and appearance. The founder of this enterprise was part storyteller, part flimflam man.

To defend itself in the

Michael Russell, who ran a chain of business journals, testified that a Feshbach employee called his bankers and interfered with his loans. Nevertheless Gerbino's short-term gains can be stupendous. His behavior had also become strange.

Next they elected directors who were friendly to them and set in motion a series of complex maneuvers to block Jordan from voting stock he controlled and to run him out of the company. Neither man agreed to be interviewed for this story, yet both threatened legal action through attorneys. The owner of the mail drop is a private eye named Fred Wolfson, who admits that an Ingram associate retained him to retrieve credit reports on several individuals.

Defectors describe him as cunning

In each case, the writers have been badgered and heavily sued. Church officials refused to be interviewed. Sometimes the Feshbachs send private detectives to dig up dirt on firms, which is then shared with business reporters, brokers and fund managers. Above their names were quotations taken out of context to portray the church in a positive light. He's looking for a long-term relationship or marriage, exercises six days a week, lives alone and is mostly vegetarian.

No cult extracts more money from its members. Athena Gold, the current object of Baybak's and Gerbino's attentions, was founded by entrepreneur William Jordan. Last August a former devotee named Steven Fishman began serving a five-year prison term in Florida. Retains public relation powerhouse Hill and Knowlton to help shed the church's fringe-group image. Hubbard kept adding steps, each more costly, for his followers to climb.

German politics appears as well to attract Hubbard's zealots. The company, which later collapsed, was delisted two months ago by the Vancouver exchange. Jordan never got most of the money, but the cult members ended up with a good deal of cheap stock and options. The church's most fearsome advocates are its lawyers. Since Hubbard and his church have been the subject of four unfriendly books, all released by small yet courageous publishers.

His death inspired

In Canada the church and nine of its members will be tried in June on charges of stealing government documents many of them retrieved in an enormous police raid of the church's Toronto headquarters. On the day last June when his parents drove to New York City to obtain his body, they were nearly catatonic with grief. Since Yanny quit representing the church, he has been the target of death threats, burglaries, lawsuits and other harassment.

Make others produce so as to make money. Ron Hubbard, still control huge blocks of his company's stock. Buys massive quantities of its own books from retail stores to propel the titles onto best-seller lists. Hubbard, who had been in hiding for five years, died before the criminal case could be prosecuted.

Defectors describe him as cunning, ruthless and so paranoid about perceived enemies that he kept plastic wrap over his glass of water. To defend itself in the trial, the cult has retained some of Italy's most famous lawyers. Foreign governments have been moving even more vigorously against the organization. His death inspired his father Edward, a physician, to start his own investigation of the church. The investigation paints a picture of a depraved yet thriving enterprise.

One of them, Miscavige vs. He promised to look into it. Naturally, those thetans had to be audited. Experts denounce the regime as quackery and potentially harmful, yet HealthMed solicits unions and public agencies for contracts. At the time, city officials were reportedly collaborating with U.

High-level defectors claim that Travolta has long feared that if he defected, details of his sexual life would be made public. Since at least a dozen Hubbard books, printed by a church company, have made best-seller lists. Today Hubbard's minions continue to wreak global havoc, costing governments considerable effort and money to try to stop them.