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Owen, without Nikita's knowledge, goes so far as to ally with Gogol under Ari Tasarov's command, agreeing to destroy the black boxes in exchange for Gogol's financing and support for his activities. Amanda, however, permanently deactivated Alex's killchip and let her escape, persuading her to make her own life without being Nikita's mole. He later returns to Division after Percy retakes control of Division from Amanda. After he was saved he went off on his own for the time being to gather information to assist the team and to establish a place for himself to live. Though half of his face is burned now, he has the same deadly skills as before.

He is often sardonic and sarcastic, having a notable dark sense of humor. However, after learning that Amanda knew who he was before Division captured him and turned him into an agent. Thom arrived at Division two years after Nikita and a year before Alex.

However after learning that Amanda

When Alex and Jaden get into a fight about this, and Jaden is about to kill Alex, Nathan steps in and shot Jaden in the stomach, which instantly kills her. After Thom is killed by Alex for working with Nikita, Jaden clearly believed that Alex framed Thom, set him up as the mole, and then killed him.

Thom later discovered that Alex was working together with Nikita, and tried to take Alex in at gunpoint, but the two fought and Thom is accidentally shot and killed by Alex with his own gun. Somewhere in the next six months, Owen was caught and imprisoned in Russia. His mother, Oversight member Senator Madeline Pierce contracts him as an agent at Division, sending him to keep an eye on Amanda. Although she works for Division, she seems to care for some agents and recruits. The other twin sister Helen strapped up in a basement being tested and tortured by her own father.

Being bugged by Amanda and activating her kill chip. He has a fair set of skills, including using firearms and self-defense tactics. Semak, originally Udinov's right-hand man, approached Oversight to have Division target and kill the Udinov family so Semak could take over Zetrov and maintain better relations with the U.

Somewhere in the next sixHis mother Oversight memberThom later discovered thatHe is often sardonicAlthough she worksThom arrived at Division