Product dating machine

Product dating machine

The presence of decals, metal tags, etc. Every dataplate contains both a model identification stamped on the left and a serial number on the right. Some Canadian and export models are covered for informational purposes only. Dating via the serial number is a far more accurate method. Many Victrolas have a suffix letter after the serial number.

Consequently, accurately dating these early machines is a very difficult task. All metal interior construction will provide years of reliable use. Unfortunately, the sticker is often damaged or missing completely, since it is made only of thin paper and did not last long if the Victrola was stored outside or in humid conditions. The model number is shown first, followed by a serial number. Every Victrola left the factory with a license sticker attached, and this can provide further information about the date of manufacture, particularly on early machines.

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In addition, factory records for the earliest machines are incomplete. Customizing is also available so that it can work to your exact need. Before the age, history and value of a Victor product can be determined, the phonograph must be correctly identified. During the mid-teens, Victrola dealers often replaced the stickers of phonographs in stock with updated versions, due to patent or license changes. Another piece of important information in identifying a Victrola is the license sticker.

Drop-cypher feature is available to drop any wheel from printing, even the unit wheel. In some instances, a letter prefix may be found before the serial number see Canadian machine tag below. One year limited warranty.

The turntable must be lifted straight up and off the motorboard to view some plates. On the dater side, a dot separates the month, date and year. In some instances other letters were used to indicate export to foreign markets. In other cases, cautious use of an exacto-knife can prove helpful.

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In many instances, the plate will have to be cleaned in order to read the serial number information. Fortunately for collectors, the process of identifying a Victor phonograph is not difficult. Every model has an individual serialization. In many instances, this letter is located far to the right of the serial number, and can be difficult to see.

As stated above, most Victrola internal horn serialization started at for each model, and ran sequentially through the production run. The presence of this A-suffix makes dating a machine a simple task. Locking lever will lock machine to the position where wheels can be easily set. In these cases some educated guessing is needed to accurately date a phonograph.

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Each model has it's own serial number during the sequential production run. In some cases, the dataplate may have corroded over the years, and the small stamped serial numbers may be nearly impossible to read. These self inking numbering machines are ideal for sequential numbering operations. Dry ink pad refill and a bottle of black ink are included with each machine. There are often other dates elsewhere on the sticker, but these have to do with the dates of patents, not with the building of the phonograph.

Every model has an individual