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Footprints of the Atreipus Grallator plexus are also present. Lorenzo Marchiti, Padova, Italie Dr. The landslide is a complex deposit, involving a chaotic matrix, and preserved continuous reflectors evoquing floating giant blocks. Tamer Abou Alam, Norway Dr.

Abdelhakim Jilali, Oujda, Maroc Dr. We will discuss mechanism that caused the weakening and triggered the slope failure.

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Moncef Bouaziz, Dresden, Germany Dr. Said Belkacim, Agadir, Maroc Pr.

Bouchra Bougariane, Meknes, Maroc Dr. Brahim Karaoui, Errachidia, Maroc Dr.

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An acceleration of the uplift and compressional activity is evidenced during the Messinian with an increase of the volume of mass transport at the front of these thrusts. This study is based on the analysis and the interpretation of the gravity data of the Tadla basin, its purpose is to increase the knowledge of this basin structure. Prospection exploitation et Gestion durable des ressources naturelles.

Mostafa Oukassou, Casablanca, Maroc Pr. The origin of the mega-slide is the Xauen-Tofino banks bounded by thrust faults whose tectonic activity is recorded since the late Miocene. Mehdi Maanan, Casablanca, Maroc Pr. While large number of new structure that remained undetected until now, have been highlighted. Its southwestern part extends into the Bahira valley that separates the Rehamna and the Jebilet Massifs.

Les applications météo les plus fiables sur Android