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Mason Lines Texture Learn More. Share a review and see what other customers are saying. You will first need to download a template from our Presentation Folder Templates Page. The glue tabs have the blue color so that when they are folded in and the pockets are folded up, everything matches.

Raised Foil gives the effect of traditional foil stamping with embossing without compromising the stock. See all Promotional Giveaways. Bleed the picture off the edges that will be trimmed, but not past the dotted fold line on the glue flaps as shown here. After paying for the template through the site, the finished products will be shipped to your address after a few days. Try the expandable escrow jacket for clients who require additional paperwork storage.

Composed outside and inside as shown below - Follow these instructions. This allows the cover page to show through the window. Discount prices on digital products are valid for initial billing cycle only.

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The blue lines indicate where bleeds should be. Final inside assembly, again laid flat.

Green is often associated with health and security, making this folder especially suitable for an organization related to health care, money or information technology. All panels can be printed.

Microsoft Publisher Under File menu select new. Custom folders with traditional foil stamping and embossing create a look of elegance. Another slit is also available to make it easier to insert business cards. Optional business card slits. Slits to hold key card can be on one or both pockets.

Digital Inkjet printing is spearing print industry trends that are worth noting. This template is also available in multiple color versions blue, green, orange, red, orange, and teal. If the program you are working can lock objects, lock all the elements of the template. Once again, this is where the glue needs to stick. This is because the glue is on the other side.

Choose from a variety of paper and foil options to create a elegant look. To make restaurant stationery appear more formal and professional. Separate pieces like these - Follow these instructions. Only one promo code can be used per order. Make sure that you have a compatible software program installed on your computer prior to purchasing a folder template.

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This presentation folder template best suits restaurants that want to maintain an elegant and classy vibe. These custom folders are printed on our most economical paper stocks. The folder has a built-in pocket for inserting papers and documents.

Congratulations, three eyes boy game your Presentation Folder is now ready! Home Marketing Materials Presentation Folders.

Bon Appetit Personalized Pocket Folder Template

Top 21 presentation folder templates

Some templates will even have built-in images and text placeholders. There are also bits of sample text that you can easily replace with your own contact information, brand identity, and other details.

Remember to include bleeds light blue shaded areas on the template if necessary. You may also see fast food flyer templates. This is another folder template available through Zazzle. Soft-touch lamination, also referred to as suede or velvet lamination, is a clear, soft film adhered to a printed sheet. Instructions for working with Combined Panels If you are going to work with combined panels, use following dimensions.

Instructions for 2 sided printingRaised Foil - Digital Print Process

If you like this folder template, you may also use it for other restaurant template needs. There is also the option for foil stamping or embossing to provide an upscale finish at a low cost. Seasoned restaurateurs know that when starting a restaurant, they first need to develop a sound marketing strategy. Adult Birthday Invitations.

Because this this is a digital print process, Raised Foil is highly efficient for short run print projects, does not require die setup, and is capable of variable data. If the program you are working in has layers, it is best to keep the template layer locked. As you work, try not to move or change the elements in the template. You may also see small business plan. Custom presentation folders with foil stamping and embossing are perfect for any industry!

Rectangular Keychain Lights. Even if you have a small business, it does not mean you have limited branding opportunities for your business. Sadly, the images are fixed and may not be changed.

By doing so, you become aware of how another aspect of the business will help propel the other. Colored Paper Business Cards. This is what you end up with inside. General Party Invitations.

Rustic themes tend to go well with local restaurants that offer local cuisine and with some specialized fine dining restaurants as well. To make this restaurant folder template more memorable, you can use thick Kraft paper or any paper with a similar coloring and texture to print on. From File select the template you downloaded. The rest of the flaps need to be kept free of ink so that the glue will stick. Notice this time, the bleeds on the glue flaps are to the outer edges.

Folded at bottom, glued on both sides, open at top. Four photorealistic mockups with four paper textures to choose from, along with a fully customizable background. Product Specifications Materials, bleeds, margins, etc. It has folded portions that can act as folder pockets. Business Card Slits on right pocket.