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The offers a full operation of email, text, as good as multimedia messaging options. If i turn my phone off, whenever I turn my phone back on it freezes if i try to do anything within like minutes.

Nokia XpressMusic games for free. Download games for Nokia XpressMusic

They aren't just backgrounds It says you can download more themes, but it doesnt have links in the theme download folder, and I can't find them on the download site on my phone. Ah, but you want to know about the biggie, right? All told, between time in the mail and with limited functionality, I've gotten about a day's use out of the phone while it was working properly.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic themes

In the hand, the twilight books for the Nokia ambiances very hard. Problem with my Nokia XpressMusic!

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Problem with the Nokia Xpressmusic? Users can set to grid or list view as well. Text messaging is a breeze.

The cell phone persists this folklore. At the same time, it's turned its attention to lower down the handset range, too, by refreshing its XpressMusic music phone portfolio. They arrive pre-set, but it's simple to reconfigure them to your own tastes. Cover art can be copied over to the phone too.

Anything will work with this. Okay, this phone will not die. Users have options to change both the order and view of the menu. If so, afterward you need beyond doubt think the Cell Phone.

The radio is also located in the Media menu. So great phone when it works, but beware it might have some software issues that pop up. By regulating a specifically written menu, an audio summary can be available as good as sent with usually a couple of clicks of a button. You can adjust equaliser settings if you want to optimise your istening pleasure.

Nokia XpressMusic games for free. Download games for Nokia XpressMusic

Please log in to post a review. You can use whatever headphones you want. One downfall I think this phone has, which is because of T-Mobile, is that the right soft key can only link to T-zones on the home screen, while all other keys can be cusotmize.

Where and how can i download themes for my Nokia Xpress Music? Third party applications are automatically blocked and although users can download ring tones and themes to use, they may not work. Myself too facing same problems, but i have a solution for those themes which gives default settings to ur phone. Voice recording and voice control options are available too.

Maybe I just ruin phones by looking at them, but seriously with all the technology today, our phones dont last? You can record as long as your memory will support.

Actually this happened to my last slider version too, but that one was worse. Unlock new Nokia XpressMusic mobile phone.

The system also comes with a few game demos, none of which are particularly memorable. The numberpad keys are a bit plasticky, but are large enough, arranged in a straightforward grid, and slightly curved to make them suitable for no-fuss texting. You want to know all about the music capability!

The display is bright and vibrant. Always freezes If you have any common sense, then don't buy this phone! Thankfully the phone comes with one. Both have had to return and get a replacement for either battery or malfunction problems. What I like the most are the buttons for the music.

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This is super frustrating. You can re-set all of this too to suit your own requirements.

Awesome phone

Do you require a mobile phone? The XpressMusic is one of a pair of affordable newcomers to the loud and proud - if low-key - XpressMusic line. My preference is flip phones. Now, on to the software variant that T-Mobile uses.

Problem with the Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic