Native Instruments Session Strings

Read more about e-instruments. Realistic note transitions such as true legato were once the Holy Grail for sampled instruments, and most high-end libraries now boast their own implementation of this feature.

Learn all the features and functions as well as how to get creative and dial-in standard and other-worldly string sounds and parts! In this three-hour video training tutorial series, Eli Krantzberg teaches you how to become a Alchemy wizard and unleash all of its power on your music! One operational gripe concerns the use of the modulation wheel or expression pedal to control dynamics. Up to six keyswitchable articulations are available in Production presets. Eli Krantzberg is your host for this in-depth series on using the powerful pitch editing plug-in Waves Tune!

Session Strings Pro in Action Explore a short musical example utilizing seven different instances of Session Strings Pro that switch between multiple articulations. Session Strings Pro in Action. Huge, elaborate orchestral sample libraries are all the rage right now, but for more modest requirements and lower budgets, Session Strings Pro could be just the ticket.

Semi-Pro, Musician, Studio One. So, yes, lots of controls on screen, but lots to tweak for total flexibility. Get up and running fast and start making ultra-realistic backing tracks easily for your songs today. Professional, Musician, Pro Tools.

Learn all about the different Unison Enabled Plug-Ins and best practices for using them in your tracks and productions. The violins sound best in their lowest octave, but above that the sustaining articulations feel like they lose momentum. See and hear how amazing this new functionality is, and what it can do for your tracks and productions. Logic Pro X is a powerful tool for mixing. Eli Krantzberg reveals everything you need to know about the awesome new reverb plug-in from FabFilter, the Pro-R!

Eli Krantzberg returns with this smash series, showing you everything there is to know about this awesome drum machine that features powerful synthesis, effects, modulation and step-sequencing. The more of it you do, the more calls you get to keep doing it. Registration Links and address inside. Film composers and studio owners all over the city were calling me. Glasses Arpeggiated strings accompany a dark, legato melody line that is shared across string sections.

Session Strings Pro Explained - Groove3 Video Tutorial

Five articulations, a default plus four performance-dependent alternatives, can be set. Alternatively, programme each part using the individual violin, viola, cello and bass patches. Check out Native Instruments Emotive Strings here. Eli covers all the features and functions of the industry standard, world-class Vienna Instruments and Vienna Ensemble Pro, three eyes boy game and shows you creative ways to maximize their power and sound.

Presented by orchestral and studio wiz Eli Krantzberg, this series is the one Vienna Ensemble Pro users have been waiting for. If so, this is the video tutorial collection for you. So dig in and learn to sculpt your sound like a true sonic artist. Learn how the Keyswitch window is used to play or program string parts using multiple playing styles in a single performance. When did you start dabbling in music?

After that, he shows you how to work with the powerful Key Switches feature. Go deep into this virtual drum powerhouse learning all of its features and functions, and see just what it can do for your songs and productions. Overall, the sound is good and usable, comparable to many more advanced libraries.

Color lets you transform the overall sonic image of your ensemble sound by selecting one of many different effects. La Vida Sharp, syncopated string part provide a rhythmic contrast for a flowing, legato violin melody. They sound pretty good, nice and full and usable, which is most important. Discover a few ideas on filtering and chasing the key switch notes.

In other words, this gives you a combination of industrial sounds and orchestral percussion to add lots of character to whatever project you are working on. When did you get into recording? Eli covers it all from beginning to end, demystifying all of its features and functions as well as ways to get creative with its awesome power. Well, studio guru El Krantzberg shares some of his awesome techniques to help get your creative juices flowing.

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Get up and running fast with this in-depth power start series! Take control of an piece ensemble, recorded with the utmost precision in four different settings for maximum flexibility and realism.

Check out Output Analog Strings here. Rhythmic strings and drops of pizzicato. Yes sir these strings are nice. The Rhythm Animator transforms chords or single notes into realistic-sounding rhythmical patterns. Pull out individual instrument groups, or play full ensembles mapped across the keyboard.

Go from nothing to something in about an hour, and get that first beat out! But if I am going to be perfectly truthful, I have to hold Henry Miller and Woody Allen equally responsible for shaping the way I view and experience the world around me. You also get the Logic Project files so you can follow along and experiment!


Native Instruments Session Strings