National level paper presentation 2019 in bangalore dating

National level paper presentation 2019 in bangalore dating

The participants would be given a real life crisis situation that they have to overcome. The problem statements would have an edge as they would be deciphered. Sameeksha is the Paper presentation event, wherein the participants are required to present a deep case study on a given topic and show their managerial acumen.

In the first round, participants are required to write a code given on the problem in such a way that it is hard to decipher. They will be judged on the basis of likes and creativity. The most powerful bot after a certain time wins. Well what about we let robots play it. Robo Soccer So you think the game of soccer is boring, just men running after a ball.

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We intend to conduct a series of fun and dedicated events for the hardcore lovers of robot family and the related coding stuff. And failing to do so may incur in penalties. Jobs Bureau Jobs Bureau gives you a chance to get placed before the actual campus drive in a virtual world where you learn to be an efficient project leader and a skilled coder. The aim of the Conference is to provide a platform to the researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet the share cutting-edge development in the field. The bot will have to use specific Artificial Intelligence algorithms, no hard coding is allowed.

High scorer at the end of full time wins. Participants are required to find out bugs from the code given to them in the least time possible.

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To give an edge to the technical stuff going on in the events, code shuffle would give a different angle as the code would be given to the students beforehand, but in a shuffled manner. In the following round the codes would be randomised and participants would have to decipher the and tell the output.

We focus on research and development of our patented inventions in Embedded systems. They also have to show their convincing skills, while trying to promote their product an as influential brand. Participants would have to master cryoptography, decipher the problem and then come up with a solution in the least time possible. Under Corporate Training, we provide technical training to Engineering students and provide them placement opportunities across our client network.

They will be judged on the basis of their efficieny and accuracy. Pranksters The participants will perform a prank and post the video of it on Facebook. The scoring will depend on time of completion. In this event the participants are required to come up with a product that can prove to be a benchmark in making the lives of people easier. Now let us watch robots do the same.

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To make the crowd more engaged we will also be having a lot of informal events like Treasure hunt, Zorbing, Paintball, Tug of war and Dodgeball. The sequence of the commands would be different. Robo Maze They say Artificial Intelligence is the future.

Watch and cheer for your favourite bot as they make the traditional game more futuristic. But beware, the track will be filled with various fixed and moving obstacles which the robot will have to overcome. The best way to do a thing is to prepare for it beforehand.

The event will consist of two rounds. Bring your custom built robot that will compete with another robot s in this specially modified version of soccer. This quiz will test the participants aptitude through mind teasers and puzzles.

The event is planned to be published across majority of technical colleges in India and will have participation from these different colleges with shortlisted presentations. Participants would be given a problem statement, and they are required to write an algorithm to solve it on the Paper. The flagship event of the managerial category, Pinnacle invites some amazing ideas in the form of a presentation that can showcase both the managerial as well as the personality of the participant. If the paper needs revising, the revised copy should be submitted again for peer review.