Michelle Phan boyfriend Dominique Capraro

Michelle phan and dom dating

It was three years of my life gone, just like that. Ultra Records sued Phan in for copyright infringement related to the music which she used for her YouTube videos. As I got older, I realized that some aspects of my life I really wanted to keep private. According to Forbes, the company is rated half a million dollar. However YouTube is just one of her income source.

They look really wonderful together. He said that he had so many people ready to help him, but it was not just possible, that was why he moved to Los Angeles. He is a model and famously known for his YouTube star girlfriend Michelle Phan. It was not because the couple broke up or they had any difficulties in their relationship.

She could observe that how being a beautician, her mother could influence people without even knowing the language. Few of her before and after photos revealed that she had had a jaw surgery, nose job, and double eyelid surgery.

Phan makes her money from her YouTube career. She has been able to market her business and her life has taken an up-sell after running a widely popular channel in YouTube.

She says that her mother became a beautician and did nail for other women in the United States. We bring you the answer to the most asked questions and will also let of know where was she all this time. It was probably one of the most memorable experiences I ever had in my life, just waking up and not knowing what to do. Phan was very close to her father and he even gave her a Vietnamese name, Tuyet Bang meaning avalanche.

Michelle Phan boyfriend Dominique Capraro

The couple started dating in and their relationship has been a good example of celebrity relationship. Let's find out more about their love affair and relationship.

Additionally she has good number of social media followers. Although she refused the claim and said that she got permission from the manager in the form of email exchange.

She was working in restaurant as a hostess before she applied for a job as a beautician saleswomen. He was an art student and dancer before he came in fame. The two met when he was offered a lead role in a short film for a French brand Lancome. It was through that failure that I started to get more interested in the business aspect of everything. Her father had a serious gambling problem which led them to move from places to places.

We wish they stay as happy

We wish they stay as happy as they are now forever. The same level of curiosity lies among the fans about Michelle Phan, a YouTuber and a makeup guru, who stopped uploading videos all of a sudden. This made life harder for her mother. Hype Stat The couple looks adorable together.

The same level of curiosity liesThis made life harder for her

Some sources say that Michelle and Capraro met for the first time in a private party. But it was because she said she was mature and wanted to keep her life private. Usually he is the man behind the camera. The short movie commercial had Michelle Phan by his side and the couple got to work closely through same commercial.