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Aatreya, Veturi Sundararama Murthy. Venkatasubba Rao of The Hindu. Firstly, this film reeks of bad direction - there is no attention to detail, and there are several logical flaws and abrupt changes of scene.

Maro Charitra (2010)

The back ground scores given by Thaman in many places are with too much of sound. Mother tries to understand and support Balu. The locations chosen are excellent. She doesn't know English so she doesn't speak when she is outside home, so everyone in the area thinks she is mute and can't speak.

May be the producer wanted it to be dubbed in Tamil if this movie becomes a hit in Telugu. If Vizag beach was the backdrop of old film, online vpn no Niagara Falls is the backdrop for the new movie. Old movie banks on the cultural differences between a couple Tamil boy and Telugu girl. All the songs are shot in exquisite locales. Anita looks good in modern dresses that she wore in songs.

The heroine does all her emoting with her jaws and lips, and is mostly an exaggerated version of most exaggerated people you see around. Here we should not compare with Kamal Hasan and Saritha, because they acted under the direction of a giant director called K. The movie shot Rati Agnihotri and Kamal Hassan to fame and is the most popular romantic musical in Hindi till date.

The film received negative feedback and was a flop at the box office. That is the reason why the scenes involving Kota, Venky and Venu offer relief because their language is the only familiar language in the entire movie. She lost her love and father on same day in car accident, but she didn't move on in her life and still loves her dead lover. Shweta Pandit, Srimathumitha. After some scenes love emerges between Balu and Swapna.

His dad tells him off for dropping the course, as he want his son to be like him. Balu and Anita fall in love, but parents oppose. The director has modified it to a rustic girl and uber-cool boy.

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Maro Charitra (2010)

They masked many punches and irritated the audience. Randor Guy wrote the English portions of a duet picturised on Kamal and Saritha. During the first week of release the film performed poorly at the box-office. Rest of the film is about how love prevails and lovers overcome all the obstacles. But his performance as a director is very poor.

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Ye Teega Puvvuno Mp3 Download Shweta Pandit

The problem of atrocious acting skills is compounded by grating accents by the male members of the cast. Balachander films Telugu films remade in other languages Indian black-and-white films Indian romance films Telugu films scored by M.

Maro Charitra was picturized completely in Vizag. It could not relate to the current times. Swapna's cousin creates a misunderstanding and tells Balu that she is getting married to him and shows some fake engagement photos.

See Maro Charitra full details. Debutant director Ravi Yadav fails to recreate the magic of old classic. In fact, some of the long-range shots are downright cheesy. The character artists chosen for parents characters are from Tamilnadu. Maro Charitra had beautiful visuals in black and white.

Maro Charitra (2010)

Either you listen to the songs in Hindi or Telugu, they are the best and always refreshing. However, her family is not socially compatible with that of Balu. Naturally, they're against the couple's wishes of getting married. Swapna Balu houses are placed side by side. As the film deals with cross-cultural romance, he decided to cast a new actor to play the female lead.

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Swapna's mom wants the same, but can't get her married due to the one-year contract. Contrary to most of the films that released during the period, Maro Charitra was shot in black and white. Balu and Swapna jump off a waterfall in front of their parents, telling them that if they can't let them live happily they rather die.

This hero should be very careful in his selection of stories. One day Sandhya finds Swapna and Balu's video on his phone and pay a visit to Swapna without telling her that she is getting married to Balu soon. The film was made by Balachander with the sole intention of introducing Kamal Haasan as a lead actor in Telugu cinema. One day Swapna tells him that she loves him and want to be with him forever, he also says that he loves her too.

Do you have the correct data? He follows her, as he wants to talk to her and want to know her name.