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The object pronoun me is correct in your sentence. Either the subject or the object pronoun could be correct. We have a more liberal view regarding I vs. Rare are the times when language is consciously altered.

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The proper word to use in those examples is clear when you apply the usage rules above. There is no specific grammar rule covering repetition of words in a paragraph.

You are missing one comma after the word John. My family and I cooked a wonderful meal for Nadia. Yes, when I or me is paired with another name, it can be helpful to mentally drop the other name and then you can hear which one is correct.

We assume you are asking whether the sentence is correct. We prefer to help our readers understand the reasons why certain words are used, so they can use them properly in the future. Check out our list of pronunciation videos.

Arlene asked him and I to complete the job. The plural of trump as the noun would be trump cards not trumps, correct?

This helps you as much as I help you. My brother and myself did it. Thank you for clearing up a grammar thorn-in-my-side.


Since you have two subjects, use the verb are and use a period at the end of the sentence. Such adjectives, which are called coordinate adjectives, can also usually be reversed in order and still make sense. Mentally completing the sentence will sometimes mean inserting words and sometimes adding words depending on the sentence.

Do I remain the subject throughout the sentence? Also, for the words, her, she etc. We speak informally but must write more formally.

I vs. Me - Grammar and Punctuation

Are both I and me correct depending upon context, or is only I correct because I had to insert words before me to make that sentence make sense? As used today, the phrase thank you has an implied subject, either I or we. Feel free to correct my mistakes! Let is a noun used in tennis scoring The plural is lets.

It did, however, uphold the part of the law that required abortion providers to bury or cremate fetal remains. Your explanations of a simple question is so lame.

Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation? What does it mean for Roe v. Please settle a difference of opinion in our office. Thus, use me in your sentence. There are several ways you may write such a sentence.

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The decision had nothing to do with whether or not a fetus was considered a person, Liptak said. The suit whose cards are trumps for a particular game is often used in plural. It sounds like you came to our site looking for an easy answer. There are many helpful websites with tips for writers.

She lets him or her paint. How many times is it okay to say her first name in the same paragraph. The man boasted to his friends that he was a better singer than they. It may be too late for the It is I.

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For those of you with some grammar background, you and me in that sentence are both objects of the preposition between. It really is not a sentence. Use object pronouns rather than subject pronouns. When is myself the proper word choice? However, I was raised by a British English speaker.

Personal pronouns like he and I are subjects of verbs and so must be followed by a verb. Mentally complete the sentence. Yes, the pronoun I is correct for the reason you cited. Many of us do not have a degree at all. Compound possessives are often clunky as well as confusing, therefore we recommend care in using them.

This rule does exist in another authoritative source. When teachers and parents alike are not speaking proper language, butcher and block font it can be a losing battle.