Kurai Ondrum Illai Song Nithyasree

Do not understand bookish or poetic Tamil. Am going to learn this song to sing and that will be a gift to my Amma. Rajaji's grandson Gopal Gandhi believes that there were multiple factors that led to the composition.

Kurai Ondrum Illai Song Starmusiq

Subbulakshmi, my favorite by the way, which makes some act strange. Now there will be much more true devotion when I sing this tune and lyrics. Vijay, I stumbled upon your website when I was searching for the lyrics after listening to the song in Youtube. At the same time, when I close my eyes, my soul goes to a magical spiritual land.

Trans Lyrically Yours Lyrics of Kurai Ondrum Illai with english meaning

Since then, the song has been widely appreciated and sung in most Carnatic concerts. Listening to this eternal song by Amma moistens the eyes, full game for always. Check out amma herself singing it. Thankyou for your wonderful work. Was looking for the meanings of these songs so could listen with heartfelt feelings.

Rajagopalachari, or Rajaji as he was popularly known, was a religious Hindu and a devout Vaishnavite. Not convinced about the translation of the last.

Kurai Onrum Illai

Well, i got a free lyrics and so i hopre i sing it well in the temple. Thank you Sir, your precious translation prevented my wild guesses!

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It was much needed for people like me who love the song but are unaware of the meaning. It is one of my favorite songs and I always wanted to learn the lyrics.

Trans Lyrically Yours Lyrics of Kurai Ondrum Illai with english meaning

Do they sing this song at any temples or got to be only at Krishna temples? This is an ardent devotee of Lord Venkatewara! You are blessed to translate it, I am blessed to understand it. And by the way, I am actually listening to same song music composed by stephen devassy, its really cool. Thank you so much for lyrics with meaning.

Thanx Manoj for the wonderful compliment. Hi, thank you so much for the lyrics. They also behaved like it is nothing great and appeared disgusted to my dismay. This song is unique because it does not assume the tone of devoted prayer as most Hindu devotional songs but one of thankfulness to God. Not sure why the diff in some words - which one is correct?

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No complaints have I My lord, None. Thank you for posting the meaning. Thank you so much bro for the lyrics and the efforts you put in translating.

Now it surely adds a new dimension when I listen to this song the next time. It became very famous after it was sung by M.

Now married to mahatashtrian so no scope of learning the meaning. As an short intro i am Thilakshi from the country Brunei Darussalam this country is located near Malaysia or as in the olden language it is called Malaya. Do email me when you learn something good about stock markets. Goosebumps everywhere now.

After knowing the Meaning i am wordlessssssssss. The soul in Tamil is not translatable to English. Do come back for kaatriniley lyrics.

The powerful lyrics suggest that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So it means descending in the time of Kali yuga. This video never fails to bring tears into my eyes. Thank you very much for posting the meaning.

Kurai Ondrum Illai

But then I can understand, educated does not mean learned. Also, there is a prejudice against Mrs. According to Gopalkrishna Gandhi the song is an euphemism for the bhakti of untouchables also known as Adi Dravidars or Harijans or Panchama. Tamil-language songs Carnatic compositions. This composition by Rajaji is one of its kind, in the sense that the author does not elicit any favour from God but only maintains that he has no regrets or dissatisfaction about anything in life.

Wow, every time I try to sing this song, there is a tear in my eyes. Music was composed by Aslam Mustafa and the song sung by Ms. Thank you very much for posting the lyrics. Trust and hope it would go well!

Too much pathos in this song. Though originally I am tamilian but because born n brought up in Gujarat our Tamil was just limited to what we conversed at home.

Seeing the lyrics in Tamil for the first time, made me cry! God bless you and your family. And then Rajaji requested M. Translation helped me a lot since I dont understand Tamil! Actually I dont know Tamil, but I like this song very much, Superb song.

The english translation is a great effort. The song has since been a great rendition of all times. It is used for all occassions. Yes, there is nothing equal to original!

Congratulation on the great job of translation. Newer Post Older Post Home. Hi, I am a hedge fund manager based in mumbai. But nothing like being able to understand the original which thankfully I do. You are blessed to be able to touch so many lives.

Kurai Onrum Illai