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This allows for learning about and embracing diversity on an intimate level, but couples continue to face social prejudice and obstacles. It occurs in the present, shared time likewise communication.

Distant spots are now overlapping each other by the speed of new medium. Culture and communication are overlapping concepts, when there is communication there also culture occurs and vice versa.

In situations where judgment and criticism is present, couples seek out open-mindedness and warm regard in new and different social networks. Difference between high and low context cultures influences cultural representation on electronic media. People from different cultural entities are able to meet each other on a cyber space.

Language also holds cultural features, and identifies certain values of given culture. Electronic devices as communication mediums are available to every individual on the planet. On the other hand i want to contest the idea of culture as an external factor. Each relationship is uniquely affected by a multitude of factors.

Conclusion In the age of Internet, intercultural communication is intensely experienced on individual level. New media opened up new possibilities for minority groups to establish a communication channel with majority. In communication sense, essere sensibili yahoo dating it is a two way communication in which both sides are sending messages. In other words the components of cyber communication is not different from traditional understanding of communication. The Scope of Culture Acknowledging the complexity of culture is integral to understanding the dynamics of intercultural dating.

Intercultural Communication in Contexts

Relevance of Social Support In the United States, intercultural dating is now more socially tolerated. Furthermore, the West was believed to be the central point of this cultural flow, in fact, it was not. Globalization of Culture Through the Media. It should not be assumed that they share the same culturally-relevant experiences.

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Barna listed six barriers to intercultural communication which includes language as a prominent factor and possible barrier. This idea is a prominent basis for understanding the electronic media as a mediator for culture and a tool for intercultural communication. Every communication is an example of intercultural communication. Being frequently involved in intercultural communication can decrease marginalization and othering of minorities.

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Towards a Cognitive Redefinition of the Social Group. One other key factor in intercultural communication is language. Gupta, Iyer, and Weisskirch found out that while the Americans are more cautious with their sharing personal information on the internet, Indians are more comfortable with their personal information. People have started to discover similarities with other people from distant countries. Intercultural Conflict as Potential Transformation.

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Communication process contains and is affected by several factors. In this paper intercultural communication is examined through media context. As i discussed in previous sections, minority and immigrant groups are rarely portrayed in mainstream media and when portrayed their image is mostly negative or stereotypical.

In intercultural communication, being familiar with other cultures facilitates, and accelerates the progress. Far from being able to understand the cultural symbols of a different culture, language creates a wider gap between two people. The message is encoded and decoded according to personal experiences, socio-economical status, and cultural background which i will be arguing in this section. Being aware of cultural privileges can help eliminate potential harm to an intercultural relationship. On the contrary, there are lots of cultural meanings travelling from East to West.

Instead of homogenizing cultures, globalization on the contrary pointed out the importance of intercultural communication. People tend to categorize and stereotype what is unfamiliar to them.

Electronic media is a mediator to be familiar with differences around the world. How can the minorities use new media to make themselves visible to majorities?

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Cultural characteristics combined with personal preferences lend to compatibility. Each partnership is comprised of a black man and a white woman.

It is necessary to be familiar with cultural patterns of any specific culture to be able to understand. Two people from distant countries with distinct cultures are now able to share a habitat of meaning. In high context cultures these numbers decrease evidently.

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By all means, this cultural exchange is mostly dominated by Western based meanings, but in any case it is not a one way communication. White men, for example, afforded themselves the rights to vote and own property long before people of color and women. Finally, globalization has emerged as a key perspective across the humanities and social sciences, a current undoubtedly affecting the discipline of communication. Cultural imperialism is a focal point to create a basis for globalisation argument.

Age, religion, socioeconomic status and disability all effect cultural identity. However, cultural representation on social networks may cause inaccurate representations. In this sense, cultural homogenization might not be used as a counter argument.

American culture is a low context culture, therefore Americans act more individually than Indians. Arguably, many scholars asserted that this new form of media have accelerated the globalization process, and through this it would inevitably lead cultural homogenization. According to Chen cultural components, self expression, ways of thinking heavily influence the behaviours of individuals on electronic media. The Communication Process in the Age of Internet In a communication process, there are more components than only the communicators.