Orange Caramel s Nana s Scandals

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They helped each other through every struggle as viewers swooned on their couches watching the two live the fantasy life. All future couples have to be trained to give very tactful answers. Angelina Danilova looks like royalty at brand launch event. Aren't people able to tell apart the difference? They even went as far as taking a picture together after the filming has ended.

Pretty boy yes, but not good for variety at all. What does that make Yura who's been trying so hard all this time. Give me Yura if you're going to treat her like that. The issue is with yura getting shafted.

Just like any other couple, Hong Jong-hyun and Yura finally got to go on their honeymoon, although their marriage was just a virtual one. It's so weird how hong jong hyun and oh yeon seo get antagonized for having a life outside a variety show. Therefore, Hong Jonghyun deserves the hate.

Nickhun even wore the couple bracelet during the filming! To say Yura is poor is ridiculous. They both worked hard even though it's not real. After spending time with each other and also other guests on dates, they finally make their way to their new home as a virtually married couple. That just shows you how professional they were.

Hong Jong-hyun and Girls Day s Yura on We Got Married

The two were sent to Bali, a dream destination for any couple looking for a place to spend their honeymoon. Well, looks like I'm the only one waiting patiently for the end of We Got Married. Yeah I guess he kinda got lucky with roommate selection. The only thing that annoys me about Yura is the way she laughs but all in all, she's such a charming lady.

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Seo Kang Joon had this mysterious and handsome aura to him and than on roommate he kinda appeared as an airhead and ruined that image he built. They both expressed how thankful they were for one another and how their marriage would last as a wonderful memory. Don't envy the couples on Facebook and Kakaotalk, we're happy anyways! As seen below, he fills his Instagram with pictures of himself just living his best life. Because he is cold af towards her on the show and doesn't seem to care much about it yet he still gets paid.

Yeah, I got a sense that he was a bit of an airhead but at least he doesn't do it on purpose to put on a show like so many other Korean celebrities seem to put on a persona when they guest on shows. It's his job and he is doing it inadequately. Why on Earth would Yura care that her fake husband has a real life girlfriend? He does not do well in variety shows where celebs are required to show their charms I agree, but how would you rate his acting skills personally? Am I the only one who likes him with Yura?

And yet there are still khuntoria shippers that are currently active. We happily greeted each other. It always happens and will keep happening as long as this show is on air. And he was much more talkative and smiley back then. Guessing the right size of breasts that men prefer has been a big question indeed.

Always wondered why they paired him with a sm artist when he was dating someone else from the same company. It's just weird that it's been a month and all of a sudden there are Christmas rumors. He has rumored to date everyone of his costar actresses!

Reps deny rumors of Hong Jong Hyun and Nana dating Netizen Buzz

Or did Nana somehow manage to break through his iron exterior? It is actually his personality, I don't think he is dating tbh. Who knows, sims 3 dating Yura might be dating too.

Even Kim So Eun shows more chemistry and warmth with her fake husband onscreen so she makes at least that much effort. Oh Yeon Seo couldn't wait and it just made her look bad and Lee Joon got a lot of pity points because of it. It seems like she was trying really hard but he was not even making an effort.

What did Seo Kang Joon do? The two is sent to Bali, a dream destination for any couple looking for a place to spend their honeymoon. Didn't Lee Min Ho recently say women and men can't be friends? Aside from Song joong ki he's one of the few actors who truly plays with only the power of his eyes. All of the misunderstandings have been resolved since then.

Nana & Hong Jong Hyun rumored to be dating Pledis & WGM deny Asian Junkie

Who is Hong Jong-hyun s girlfriend Lovelife about Hong Jong-hyun

Although she received backlash for it, the overall affect it has on them is not nearly as big of an issue as alot of people are making it seem. Okay, I kinda understand both sides. Everyone was just staring at us. It isn't some match making shows where celebs go in hopes finding their future husband or wife. Minah and Kwanghee were a match made in heaven and Lee Hyun Woo kept up with them with his adorkable hot self.

  1. As for kim so eun, the issue is not as big as many people are making it out to be.
  2. Yet, in the interview done after the shoot, Hong Jong-hyun revealed that from the very start he knew that Yura was his wife-to-be.
  3. Not many hate her, just more fame more haters.
  4. Her smiles and laughs were too adorable.
  5. She may have gotten a lot of haters but I'd say she earned just as many fans.
  6. Isn't it called variety show?

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Popular Tags Blog Archives. Didnt he just started gaining popularity?

Let s Get Closer to The Gorgeous Orange Caramel s Nana

They're saying that if it's a fake simulation show, you should at least try, which jong hyun honestly didn't do. The couple are usually matched with no particular conscience to their background or specific careers, and usually births a very interesting pairing. Then re-enter the passcode to confirm. Fans worry over dark bruises on Sulli's knees. Sort of like he asked her permission from her.

Monday April 27 2015
  • This caused an uproar among fans of the Jjong-ah couple and caused viewers to question the integrity of the show.
  • In the end as a form of apology, she shaved her hair and filmed an apology video to the public.
  • It was my first time since my debut receiving this kind of interest so I was taken aback.
  • And I love JackJi's relationship, but quite a few delusional fans have already crossed the line.
  • We Are Married is just a show.
In an interview with

Anyway, i'm worried for jonghyun's career tbh. When the dating rumor hasn't break, I thought Yura and Jonghyun are cute cause they look like the anime couple y'know, cool guy with cheerful girl with all the fluff. Yura and Nana are both friends whom I keep in contact with once in a while. If he is dating Nana, who cares?

The only time I noticed him was with Jackson, on his own he was just calm, handsome, and oh so very dull. After spending time with each other and other guests on dates, they finally made their way to their new home as a virtually married couple. In the meantime, he can be seen enjoying his downtime by hanging out with friends, working out and also doing a couple workshops. These gifs of Khun are killer though.

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Hong Jong-hyun and Girls Day s Yura on We Got Married

Interaction After Their Virtual Marriage Over

Orange Caramel s Nana s Dating Rumors

The timing has a fishy stink to it. His personality is more chill and quiet. His acting is ok, I saw Cunning Single Lady and his weekend drama.

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