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Setup Google Apps Sync for Outlook with Office 365 on Surface Pro/2Google apps sync for microsoft outlook

Press the Yes button to continue. If you stay on Google, I do not know of any way to reliably sync your tasks. Click on this icon to bring up the window. Your most recent mail is synchronized first.

Click the Create profile button. The second window is the confirmation window that the initial sync has completed.

You should see the window below. Log out of any personal Gmail accounts. Once Google Apps Sync finishes installing, the following two windows will appear. If you are not sure whether you have administrative privileges, please click here. It may be best to start this process when you are about to be away from your computer for several hours.

However, there are a couple of optional steps you can do to clean up your Office installation. You may see a window like the one below. It will take a long time to transfer. The instructions on this site were spot on.

Installing Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Click the Start Microsoft Outlook button on the window that appears. Microsoft Outlook will open and begin synchronizing. But Outlook Tasks do not sync. It's not clear how widespread the problem is or if specific conditions trigger it.

Click the Run button to continue. Here are the latest Insider stories.

Google made a big splash when it launched Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, saying it would be an important piece in smoothing the way for large enterprises to switch from Exchange to Gmail. Your instructions for the Surface would apply equally well to any Windows laptop or desktop, would they not? After you are all setup you can re-import your old outlook data files into outlook if needed.

If you do the above steps, everything should work just fine for you. If you see the window below, disregard it. Check to make sure your system meets the system requirements.

Google Apps sync tool for Outlook hit by bug

Sync2 - Google Sync Outlook solution. Google Apps Sync Outlook

You may see a bar appear at the bottom of the window like the one below. You are now finished setting up Google Apps Sync! You will be able to view your newly received and sent messages during the synchronization.

Make sure you have an uninterrupted network connection while the sync is running. Check to see if you have administrative privileges. Notify me of new posts by email. Google Apps Sync will create a second profile in your Outlook. Patching whack-a-mole continues.

But you will have to move from Google to Exchange-Outlook. If you didn't see the window above, check your task bar for the Google Apps Sync icon See below. For more information on Google Apps Sync, pc action games for please click here. Please do not close the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook window or restart your computer until the migration is completed. Don't unplug the network cable or leave the range of the wireless connection during the sync.

Check out the latest Insider stories here. Print this page for reference. Generally, the home versions will not have that functionality. If you have used Outlook on this computer, you can transfer import your notes, journal entries, and tasks.

Click on the Allow access button. They are required to install Google Apps Sync. Sounds like google sync is missing files. And since you say you want to be able to sync it to multiple devices, you will need a server-side solution, like Exchange.

Google Apps sync tool for Outlook hit by bug

So, I hope this write-up is useful to you and, as usual, if you have any questions or problems, please let me know. Click on the Continue button. The latest plan is to push out a solution by Wednesday this week.

Please wait until it is completed. The first image shows your initial sync status.