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Throwing a star at the wrong word and everything explodes, which is actually pretty fun, even for adults. Visit different places for different word lists.

Have fun saying tongue twisters in English. Concentration - Match English words and pictures.

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25 Terrific Online Games for English Language Learners

Label the four sides of the classroom for each point of the compass. The game continues until there is only one person left.

Submitted by Blythe Musteric. If the two cards match they get to keep them and play again.

Desert Drag - A game to practice English vocabulary. Identify faulty reasoning used in persuasive texts. In small groups get the students to sit in a circle.

Compare and contrast works of fiction from various cultures. Easter Addition and Subtraction. Submitted by Libby McArthur. All of the cards are then placed face down.

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What a great collection of games! So try making your own and playing some great games with them today!

Repeat the activity with each student from different teams. Time runs down quickly so you have to be fast. Call out a number and one student from each team has to run to the front of the room and search for that number.

Practice sentence formation and basic question forms. Can you help them to run to save their village? Generate equivalent forms of rational numbers including whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Students can have as many guesses as they like.

What a wonderful collection of games! Harcourt offers a great selection of grammar grades for third through fifth graders, appropriate for students learning English as a first, second, or tertiary language. Each is recommended for both native speakers as well as students learning English as a second or third or more language. The site also has other activities, such as a word search puzzle creator, math quizzes, stick arena ballistick hack and a new language learning section.


Certificates, attendance sheets, lesson records, lesson plan tamplates. Explain the effect of a historical event or movement on the theme of a work of literature. Students should try and lose all their cards.

Estimate and measure length using nonstandard units such as paper clips or sides of color tiles. Guess and spell the word before you get hung. Just download and play in your lessons. Make your own comic strip and send it to your friends. The student at the end of each line is given a pencil and piece of paper.

Change the length of the phrase to make it easier or harder. Learn them and tell your friends. The body outlines should be at one end of the classroom and the students lined up at the other end. Split the students into two teams and have them line up at the back. The first students in each line are the players.

Practice clothes vocabulary. Compare and contrast the purpose of different authors writing on the same topic.

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The students sit on their chairs in a large circle. Learn a small amount of it.

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Invite the student at the front of each team to come to the teacher's desk. The last card should be turned around so it is facing the students but is hidden as it is behind the pack. Follow multi-step instructions to complete a task or solve a problem.

When the music stops, they must line up in order. Another good way to remember a list of things or a passage is to break it down.

An enemy is attacking Zak and Zuri's village! First choose your set of words and then guess the letters. Speed Balls - Practice matching images and pictures with English vocabulary. Find common factors and the greatest common factor of a set of positive integers.

If the cards match then the S keeps the cards. Have students sit in a circle. Recognize that sentences begin with a capital letter and end with punctuation. Click on the key that shows the contraction for the two words on the chest.

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Identify the meaning of common idioms, adages, and other sayings. Click on the correct words to complete the phrases. Printing the cards on printable business cards ensures that they are all the same size and it saves a lot of time.