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Fossils and Their Place in Time and Nature

This is the dating of zircons by uranium-lead U-Pb dating and some other related methods. So I believe that this question of radiometric, or isotopic dating, is one of the most important questions in the creation-evolution controversy, and one which Christians have to respond to. You see, the theory of evolution has so many problems that most people find evolution hard to accept, and I don't think many people are led to question their faith because of it. Now, compounds of uranium are often highly soluble in water this, indeed, is one of the major problems with U-Pb isochron dating whereas compounds of lead are stubbornly insoluble. Let's not give up our hope because of the uncertain conclusions of radiometric dating, especially when it has so many problems.

Radiometric Dating Methods

Yes, Jesus created life on this earth not too long ago. If there is real evidence that these fossils are hundreds of millions of years old, then I want to know about it. This area is a key support for the theory of evolution, which is undermining Christian values all over the world.

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Their conclusions are subject to change as new evidence is found. To explain this, scientists have focused on strange, unknown and as-yet-undiscovered forms of matter that produce gravity that repulses objects. In fact, I believe that the evidence does not permit the long ages given by radiometric dates, so there must be a problem with them somewhere, even on scientific grounds. By measuring the amount of uranium and lead in a zircon and knowing the rate of decay, we can measure the age of the zircon. But so far I haven't found it.

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Alternatively, this and other discrepant ages may be due to contamination with older material. The more argon, the older the rock is. Boltwood's ages have since been revised.

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In addition to the fact that these methods all have problems, there are additional problems with radiometric dating. Another problem is that fission tracks in some minerals, like zircons, can survive in lava, so the fission track date can be measuring an older event than the lava flow. In addition, they can travel through lava without melting, so the date computed for a zircon may be measuring a much older event than the lava flow itself. Older rocks would have more time to absorb argon, and there was probably more argon coming through the earth at the time of the Flood and shortly thereafter than there is today.

Zircons, then, are relatively immune to the problems that make isochron U-Pb dating so difficult. The isochron dating method theoretically overcomes the need to know the initial ratio of parent and daughter isotopes.

Fission-track dating

It splits in two, and the pieces fly apart through the mineral, creating fission tracks. Another problem is knowing what is a fission track and what is just an imperfection in the rock. Perhaps the damage created by all this radiation can be increased by chemical action and be etched by acid to appear like fission tracks. Textbooks have beautiful, clean pictures of fission tracks, but I doubt that these illustrations correspond to reality. Fitch and Miller turned to an independent method to resolve the discrepancy, kirsten dunst et josh hartnett dating fission-track dating.