Farmall cub belly mower hookup

Farmall cub belly mower hookup

Modine core, fin and flat tube. Like the Farmall Model A, the Cub was off-set to the left with the driver and steering wheel on the right. Next, rebuild the carburetor to fix that rich fuel mixture problem.

Rockford or Atwood single plate

You can always find at least one at an Antique Tractor Show with it's proud owner standing by. This is shown by the sheer numbers of Cubs that were built. One of the most popular uses of this tractor today is for mowing large lawns or golf courses with a belly mower attached.

Rockford or Atwood, single plate, dry disc, spring loaded. Serial Numbers The serial number name plate is located on the right side of the steering gear housing. Serial Numbers From to Year. Variations of the tractor International Cub Lo-Boys were continued for some time after that. They are not rare machines by any means.

Many of these tractors are also

New after-factory belly mowers are available from Woods brand equipment dealers. The Cub was the only Farmall built with an L-head engine. The Farmall Cub was easily one of the most popular small chore tractors made in history.

But due to their continued

But due to their continued popularity they can command a pretty high purchase price. Many of these tractors are also still in use by gardeners with a large vegetable patch.

Farmall Super C - Continental belly mower