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The stars are inset on a ridge. The background is a relief of rocks, representing the stability and strength of Slovakia. In the coins were updated with the election of Pope Francis.

We onlywant to work with ladies and foreign men's with serious purposes. The date appears at the base of the eagle and the silver behind the stars is etched to give visual effect. The year is lower down, also among the stars.

The year and mint marks are also placed within the stars. The Austrian flag is hatched below the denomination on the left hand side. The stars themselves are stylised, linked together by a pattern of lines.

The mint marks are located on

In Russians Brides Agency. The mint marks are located on the bottom of the outer ring and the twelve stars are compressed onto the left side of the coin only, rather than forming a full circle. The date and mint mark is shown on the left, and the name San Marino on the right. He subsequently replaced Albert on Belgian euro coins.

Dante was a poet in the Middle Ages and is considered the father of the Italian language while Raphael was a master artist and architect of the High Renaissance. The staff has experience and English-speaking foreign. Between the castles is the numbers of the year towards the bottom and the letters of the name Portugal between the upper icons.

We fight scam and we don't work with these ladies when we identify that they are scam. The date is located towards the bottom between the stars and the mint marks are located at the top. The date is shown at the base of the inner circle. Belarus Girls if you are not interested in ladies of Russia or Ukraine.

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Truthful, European women marriage-minded are enthusiastically waiting your contact. The year appears on the right hand side.