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Yes, she's kind and empathetic. Especially since the thought still left her oddly shaken and longing for something that had been unfulfilled, and always would be.

By the end, of course, it had gotten old and boring. She had known all of that, and yet she had still gone to him willingly. Even if the prince could have located her, even if he had wanted to, he never would have come for her.

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There is no character development in this novel. That is exactly what he does. And they were both failing miserably at it.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying this series. This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations. Also, I liked that fact that Aria's family thought she had Stockholm Syndrome because it shows that they are intelligent and protective. But Aria had gained weight while in captivity, Max had grown even thinner, his bones were still sharp against his pale, drained skin. He really needs to let Aria go.

Perhaps a raid on a neighboring villag I hate to say it, but Renegade was a disappointing follow-up to Captive. Though she hated the prince now, she could not deny the sharp stab of pain that pierced her at the thought of him marrying another woman.

Aria is hardened by the events that occurred in the previous novel and the devastating loss and betrayal she feels. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. We find out what is causing his behavior towards the end and everything falls into place.

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More by Erica Stevens See more. Do you have questions for Erica Stevens? Captured focused more on the day-to-day interactions between Braith and Aria, geetha kannada songs mp3 but Renegade focuses more on being on the run.

This is what happens when I order books from a different country. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he rested his head against her stomach. Aria shook her head, trying to deny his words.

As the story progressed and the intensity was over, the story then focuses on the history and back story of the characters and their families. He won't allow anyone to touch her.

But in the end, it still made a great read. For her, the night was not a reliving of torment like it was with Max, but a reliving of heartache. Unlike the prince though, Max would never leave her alone, never betray her, never use her like the prince had.

Though, she had been afforded far more freedom than he had. Aria had started retreating to this spot soon after her escape from being a blood slave, and her return home. Aria pulled her dark pants up more, baring her legs to her knees. He had to know these things so that he would stop looking at her like that, so that he would understand she could never care for him the same way that he cared for her.

He had broken her heart, but he had never intentionally inflicted bodily harm to her that she not asked for. The writing is definitely something to be admired.

Something she had never seen before. Unfortunately, it throws a few more wrenches in the system because Braith could be very dangerous if anything happens to Aria - and she is only a fragile human. He took it from her, casting it easily into the center of the lake. Arianna was beginning to grow thoroughly annoyed with Ashby, her hands twitched upon her bow.

That she would not ache constantly, that the dreams would stop haunting her, and she could stop just existing, and actually start living again. Even though Max always wore long sleeves, every once in awhile his shirt would ride up and she would catch sight of the scars and burns that marred his fair skin.

Recommended reading order for The Captive Series. Like I said in my review for the first book in this series, Captured, I only decided to read the second book becuase of the ending. She glanced down at her wrist, the one that had been scarred by the leash she had tried to rip from her. Arianna and Braith are both devastated following their separation, both under the misconception that they have been betrayed by the other. Open Preview See a Problem?

The physical connection between the two is strong and yet the lack of sexual intimacy only builds the anticipation. She also would have given him her body, and her last piece of self respect. As a couple, those two were just terrible. The author set it up for a lot of action in the third book, and I hope it's there rather than merely referred to and talked about.

The Captive Series

But this ties into the world building so I won't discuss it any further. He made me frustrated and annoyed. The main male character is Braith.