Enquiry Management System

Enquiry Management SystemThe Management application

How do I keep track of my enquiry? Sales Order Create Sales order and keep the team informed about the won sales enquiry. How safe is my Enquiry Data?

Multiliingual EnqWin web and mobile apps are available in multiple languages, which makes them accessible to all your team members. Real Estate Architects Personal Responsive. We provide a free single user plan that you can use for however long you want.

If you want it to be translated in any language that do not support yet, let us know. Why would I want to use EnqWin?

In project management, 3gp video converter for mobile phones a task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time or by a deadline to work towards work-related goals. Facility Management plays a very vital role for every customer. Customer Support Management Customer portal for customer to report issues. The sales lead management system allows you to connect various documents with each enquiry and maintain versions as per your discussions. Facility Management System Facility Management plays a very vital role for every customer.

Send quotes to customers directly by mail. If your queries are not answered in the knowledge base, you can also raise a ticket to our support team with your questions. Enquiries can be tracked from different sources- drop in, sms, email or web. You can choose to upgrade to our monthly or yearly plan.

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If your subscription has expired, you can revert back to the basic single-user plan at any time. Increases counselors performance and productivity.

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Enquiry Management SystemFree CRM Software

As for the one-time billing, is training fee included? Customize We customize it as needed Read More. The entire sales team has to work together and its very helpful to know how the team is performing. Automatic tax calculations. The sales team has to follow up many times before the conversion happens and the prospective client asks you to call back on a specific day and time.

Proforma Invoice A pro-forma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. Track and close customer issues. You will get basic statistics of conversion ratio, sales person performance, date wise analysis and campaign wise analysis Multiuser Access. Give us a buzz and we can get back to you with the ideal solution. Automated daily report generated per sales executive as per follow-up data.

Check multilevel and multiple features of the

Enquiry Management System

Features like bulk upload, search and filter help them manage a large lead database easily. Bulk Upload Back from an Expo? General Enquiries info dimakhconsultants. Standardize your quote formats.

Enquiry Management System with Dimakh Consultants At Dimakh Consultants we have devised a very user friendly and effective sales lead management system. Your customers have unique requirements, and your products offer unique solutions.

My team became more effective and I could see thier performance on my mobile. Admin can easily track all enquiries data easily by means of filtration. So much easier on a small screen on mobile. However, some advanced features of the application might require guidance. Managers also require minimal effort track their team performance.

User Customizable Your customers have unique requirements, and your products offer unique solutions. Payment Tracking Track Payments recieved from customer and payable to vendors.

The user interface helps them concentrate more on the important tasks quickly. This can also be used to keep the backend team informed about scope of work and invoice details. Detailed terms and conditions. So we have provided a knowledge base to help you learn advanced techniques.

Data for each account is fully isolated to ensure high data integrity. Sales Invoice Create Invoice as per the sales order or you can also copy sales order directly to generate invoice. Your Business, on Your Phone. Customer Support Contracts, its scope assets details are entirely captured. It's deserving of the best app.