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The Legend of Chavo Guerrero. Furious, Guerrero demanded Bischoff release him from his contract on a live episode of Nitro. Grand Slam and Triple Crown champions.

Guerrero pinned Benoit and won the United States Championship. Following his feud with Mysterio, Guerrero was named number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and given a title match with Batista.

Guerrero defeated Reigns in a singles match at No Mercy. However, Guerrero was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived at the scene.

Los mujeres fall in love with the Latin charm. Yo Mamacita I got the passion that's lasted long. At this point, Guerrero developed an addiction to pain medication stemming from his car accident and in May was sent to rehab.

He was so entertaining, but he also had all the technique. Chavo then attacked and turned on Guerrero after he suffered a beating from The Bashams.

Guerrero feuded with Edge, to whom he lost at SummerSlam. During the match, Guerrero suffered an illness collapsing to the ring. Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Layfield recounting the match between him and Guerrero at the Judgment Day event. In an attempt to get a better draw, Guerrero switched his number with Flair's and stole Flair's wallet in the process. Guerrero continued his feud with Angle again. Aiden English Chavo Guerrero Jr. Your fast asleep when I sneak in your casa.

Hey, oyelo claro I aint the one you want to meet. Jacqueline accepted the challenge and won the title. American professional wrestler.

After the match, Eddie suplexed Chavo to teach him a lesson. Last, but definitely not least, came the baby of the family, yours truly, Eduardo Gory Guerrero Llanes.

Eventually, other wrestlers, primarily his nephew Chavo and friends Mysterio and Christian, paid tribute to him in their matches by using the Frog Splash, Guerrero's finisher. They were the first members of the Guerrero family to make a tag team.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Chica, tu quieres jugar con un Latino? He was such a great wrestler and he got it. Combat Zone Wrestling also paid tribute to Guerrero with a ten-bell salute during one of their cards. At the time, Chyna was allies with Chris Jericho and initially rejected his advances.

Wrestling Supercards and Tournaments. La Familia broke up later in the year, after Vickie and Edge's relationship troubles led to the return of The Undertaker. Guerrero lies on a corner, one of his characteristic traits. During the match, Guerrero kayfabe collapsed in the ring. One woman isn't enough amigo.

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Once again a villain, Guerrero then adopted a new, brooding gimmick. Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Eddie would leave Chavo during a match, and that would lead them to feud with each other. Professional wrestling family. The Intercontinental Championship was on the line in the match, and whoever scored the pin would win the title.

Guerrero then left the company for a period of months, angry at Bischoff for what he had done. Vickie would later leave SmackDown to become the permanent General Manager of Raw, leaving Edge on SmackDown although their kayfabe-marriage remains intact.

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The Internet Wrestling Database. Continuing to show his crazy behavior Chavo would shave his own head while Guerrero looked on in disbelief. Raw started off with all the wrestlers and several personnel on stage, as Vince McMahon addressed the live crowd before finishing with a ten-bell salute.

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Edge and Mysterio won the titles afterwards. It was later explained that he cut too deep, thus hitting an artery. They mainly feuded with Rey Mysterio Jr. The next month, they lost the titles to Timothy Flowers and Adrian Street. Online World Of Wrestling.

Benoit and Angle managed to overcome their differences and eventually defeated Los Guerreros in the tournament semi-finals. Wrestling Title Histories. Both teams lost to Haas and Benjamin in a triple threat match.

Who sang Eddie Guerrero s theme music

Who sang Eddie Guerrero s theme music

It was there that Guerrero entered collegiate wrestling before moving to Mexico to train as a professional wrestler. In order to push the new tag team, vignettes were produced, which included things such as the two finagling their way into a rich lady's house and throwing a pool party. He aligned himself with the villainous Team stable, and primarily teamed with Black Tiger.

He was the first luchador to voluntarily unmask and was also immediately physically attacked by the opposing tag team for doing so. All lyrics are property and copyright of their respective authors, artists and labels. Guerrero then adopted a new, brooding gimmick.


As part of their angle, Eddie would continually try to make Chavo adopt Eddie's cheating tactics, but Chavo often refused to do so. Eddie added the frog splash to his vast repertoire, made famous first by Barr, isobuster crack paying tribute to his fallen partner.