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Then there is the land of the naked men, as well of the black-teethed people. It will be staggering, in the billions. In an additional photo from Poland, these Second Suns seems to merge together into the upper left hand side. Whitmire, at the University of Southern Louisiana in Lafayette. At any rate, Wae denoted both the southern Koreans and people who lived on the southwest Japanese islands, the same Kaya people who had ruled both regions in ancient times.

Yet, when it is photographed in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be visualized to the left or to the south of the Sun. Around this time, the Japanese who had studied Chinese came to dislike the name Wa and changed it to Nippon. They formerly comprised more than one hundred communities.

In the vast majority of similarly reported cases, mirages of the brightest object in the frame can be traced to reflections internal to the camera taking the images. Beyond Lo-lang in the sea, there are the people of Wo. This now distant object was capable of causing great catastrophes in the past, and perhaps will once again cause global disaster in the future.

This binary object is a sub-brown dwarf, several Jupiter-masses in size. Today this solar system Dark Star is known as Planet X. Today they are one of many that have been photographed and recorded by astute photographers watching the horizon for the evidence of this arriving solar body. Andy Lloyd hypothesizes Nibiru orbits around a dark star, that in turn orbits around our sun.

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Beyond that, Over one thousand li to the east of the Queen's land, there are more countries of the same race as the people of Wa. There were periods of frequent contacts as well as of lengthy intervals between contacts. The Sumerians were the first to invent the origins of writing, math, science, medicine, astronomy.

At that point, the Seventh Planet was close enough so that excursion ships could be sent to our planet during the ancient days before the flood. When chieftains of various Wo tribes contacted authorities at Lelang, a Chinese commandery established in northern Korea in B.

Wo diplomats, however, never called on China on a regular basis. Within many prophetic religious traditions, a failed prophecy is all that is needed for the weak at heart to give up hoping for the coming of the Messiah. Here was a remarkable transformation as the glare of the sun gave way to a clear depiction of a second smaller orb to the right of the Sun like an approaching planetary object.

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With its catastrophic impact, they would not obliterate Planet Earth, a fact that is ruled out by the Jewish and Israeli prophets. These peoples include a large segment of the world impacted by the Christian nations of the United States and Europe. The apocalyptic imagery suggests that millions will die within hours of impact.

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He left before series V due to a scheduling clash he ended up directing a show starring his wife, Ruby Wax so Juliet May took over as director. Yet, why was this sighting portrayed to the left side. As it moved, the massive body kicked or ejected comets outward from its arc shaped pathway.

Their respective accounts of the dwarf, naked, and black-teethed peoples provide another example of copying. This sub-brown dwarf is part of a much bigger picture - one involving a whole new paradigm. Will in a few years, the iron core and planetary crusted planet called Nibiru return, as she rotated around her Dwarf Brown Star and the Binary Twin Star to our Solar Sun? At the beginning of the eighth series, Kryten's nanobots reconstruct the Red Dwarf, scam dating formats which they had broken down into its constituent atoms.

Wae did not denote Japan alone, as was the case later. Kochanski had instead fled the ship in a Blue Midget when it became clear Lister's complete lack of self-respect and indulgence on excesses was slowly killing him, which greatly depressed her. Of this group of comets, he discovered compelling evidence that a certain group of these comets did come from the region of a cloud shaped arc that stretched clear across the sky. They could not see the planetary body, but could perceive the magnetic force of the presence of its massive body. Clearly there was an interest to determine if these films were real or altered or the orb was a product of lens flare.