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It was probably my most memorable film experience so far. At the start of the season no, but toward the end of the season, they miss days so sometimes you pick up. Carson Beckett and his actor, Paul McGillion. After graduating the actor began his career teaching theatre in Toronto, squeezing in time to attend auditions. Also I love the character and being able to get great scripts.

Just as work on Phantoms was ending, McGillion received some news that would affect his future on Atlantis. Paul finally speaks out about his experience being written out of the show. So I just let it go like that, and I hope I went out, hopefully, with dignity and class.

Most actors never get a dream job like that in their entire career, and I had it for three years. Well the Scottish duck joke but I have to say in person. However, when I went upstairs and they closed the office door, I knew it was serious. Here is an excerpt from the interview with Paul McGillion in which he talks about how he was let go from Atlantis.

It makes for a very moving read and should inspire all of us to fight ever harder on behalf of Paul and Carson.

Not only that but I wanted to honour the character as well as the cast and crew that I had been working with all this time. Carson Beckett, and the resulting dismissal of Paul McGillion.

So things like that often happen yeah. View all posts by astrumporta Author astrumporta Posted on. Personally, I felt like I was doing a good job on the programme and I think the producers thought so as well. That would you know the Scottish play would be kind of interesting because of my heritage.

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Different in the sense that I was just a guest star on the show and not a regular character. So just say the Scottish duck joke.