Dating mc lilley swords

Dating mc lilley swords

Quite often it will depict the cross and crown emblem of the order as shown in the diagram to the left. There were literally hundreds of fraternal, society and friendly associations that sprung up.

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Ward bought them out in and at this time began to manufacture badges. As Glen has pointed out, the encampment metaphor is a widespread one. Virtually every Templar sword made in the last century and a half will carry the engraved name of its owner. The collector's market for fraternal swords is rather odd, that way.

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It all comes from the mouth of a lion, on the reverse of the lion, a knights helmet. Since then, it's mainly sat in my closet. Keep in mind that my Odd Fellows attribution is just that, an attribution.

Armstrong Regalia Factory, including all machinery and inventories a year later. The blade of the Templar sword is particularly ornate and will often depict crusader scenes and lily work. Almost all of them borrowed something or other from freemasonry and many of them had swords.

That might give us some clues as well. Henderson bought out the E. Templar sword knuckle guards typically depict the cross and crown but many of the M. It can be quite frustrating identifying what organization a sword came from just for those reasons. The handle is just as ornate as the rest, with what appears to be a blueish sharks skin grip, wrapped in a braided gold looking metal, with the letters U.

In they became the Lilley-Ames Company continued on for another two decades but due to a lack of diversity in their product line began to fail. Like the blade these sheaths are very ornate and the markings will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

That might give us some

My family assumed it was from around the Civil War or some such. From time to time I'd jump on the net and try to resarch it, but never could find that much out about it. Many years later, uncle gave all of what you are about to see to my father and a few years back, my dad gave it to me.

Armstrong Regalia Factory including all