The Dangers of Badge Bunnies and Holster Sniffers

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What could be a mere passing encounter could be a career ender. Some were faculty and others were classified employees. One of my positions was as a police officer working for a community college district.

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Add to that description a good steady job, good pay, and benefits. On the other hand, beat wives are a phenomenon that has gone on for many years in my profession. Pretty soon, it's not a citizen contact but an exchange of names and numbers.

For the guys, sooner or later a badge bunny will approach you. Trust me, you've worked far too hard to get the job. Add to that the excitement factor of police work and that you have money. When the opportunity arises for you to take part in such extra-marital activities as I have mentioned, do me favor first. As the more women enter the ranks, the more lurking males will appear.

Police wives are some of the most dedicated wives on the planet. Oddly, when they get the cold shoulder and the hot citation they generally turn into quite the bitch. Being married to a police officer is not easy. They're usually known to others. The Dangers of Badge Bunnies and Holster Sniffers These creatures are cunning, and can end your law enforcement career if you're not careful.

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If you have a senior officer telling you to disengage, this isn't because he wants to chat her up. They hang around all the places cops can regularly be found and try to pick up on the aforementioned, with no consideration as to the marital status of said coppers. In fact, many badge bunnies think it all the better if their prospect is married and will seek out the ringed left finger. One can counter that women are still gaining in law enforcement ranks so it's a lesser problem. Any cop's wife already knows what those terms mean, but for those who don't I'll explain.

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Not because she is insecure, or weak, or un-trusting. The odd hours, the shitty sleep patterns, and the constant stress on both halves of the marriage can take their toll. Some have been through more precincts than the cleaning crews. Female officers should know there are men out there attracted to self-confident women in uniform as well.

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