How to Date Investment Bankers

Dating a wall street banker pictures

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You need to be in decent shape, have decent social skills and not be socially awkward. You know how to wear appropriate fitting clothes.

You do not have to look like a professional body builder either. In a post-recession climate it may be hard for anyone to pay an extravagant tab, so do not place expectations that you would not want placed on yourself. Many, many, many people with high incomes do not have an interesting personality. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply full of it. It is not a normal bell curve.

Personal Finance and Dating

Life is a positively skewed bell curve. No attractive girl is going to enjoy spending her time around a type A boring person. The overall premise, however, is the same. Everyone has a loss somewhere on their dating resume.

These girls have an incredible amount of options. Easily fill out your profile so other members know more about you when checking you out. There is no support group.

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You look better with a shirt on than a shirt off at the beach. The New York Times thinks so. You can use money to elevate your relative status owning expensive assets. You do not have cold hard calculated regimens.

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Something else will come up on Saturday afternoon. Even though this was not planned, I believe things happen for a reason and it was meant to be. The graph depicts her expectations of your income versus your age. You are not able to push guys around with status symbols tables, bottles, sports car. The only successful relationships I saw were those started amongst investment banking analysts.

You have zero control of your schedule. You are not fat or skinny or ripped.

Just like improvement, dating is not a linear curve. Living at home in your parents basement is simply not going to cut it. At first, this may sound surprising, given that the general rule of thumb in America is that as you rise in the ranks of an organization, you gain more control of your life.