Csi Dark Motives

Security uniform What colour was Arnold Zielger's jacket? Brass Office - Ask new questions. Click on the dressing table in the background. Look at the drawer, and use the gloves to pick up the tool talking about Tool - great band. Get close-up of the bike ramp, notice tire tracks.

After that, go to the alley and look at the top of the fence to find some cloth. Let's see if we can get a fingerprint off it. Use mikrosil on the bullet wound.

Click on the front corner of the bench. Keep turning the screen to the right until you see three cactus plants.

Unless you really care about the ranking, ignore this. What was the main chemical ingredient in the rat poison?

Left of the skeleton is a dark spot. Dark Motives Guide by Grawl grawler t gmail d. Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives. Ask what you can, then look at the shelf, quick heal software 2013 then the carpet.

CSI Dark Motives

Now head to the digging hole. Brass Office - Ask for a warrant for Clair Thomas for questioning. Then use the computer to compare the tracks of the funeral with the tracks of the circus. Click on the envelope with the money.

Navigation menu

Prop Room - Go to the work bench. Go there, and enter the room you weren't allowed in before. Back out of the alley and click on the restaurant owner.


Click on the bullet wound again for a closer look. Click on the object between the keyboard and the desk lamp. Jackson Barkley What is the name of the Casino that the stunt takes place at? Now let's ask the trailer guy about it.

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The tutorial will explain how. Chert How many portable toilets were visible at the dig site?

Go to the microscope, add photo of victim. If it's your first time, don't bother with that, and just start a new game. Look at the box, and grab the letter.

Savings represents a discount off the List Price. Dale Edison What was the diopter value of the victim's prescription glasses? Go to microscope, add the report photograph. Head to the lab, and give Greg everything.

Warranty & Support

If you look closely you can see a shard of glass. There is some more broken glass. Go to the microscope, add the driftwood hair. Evidence Updated Exit the screen and back out of the shelf. Click on it for a closer look.

You got the pawn shop a bit earlier from Greg, so go there. Go to Brass, and get a warrant for Arnold Ziegler. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. Funeral Home - Ask Victor Kaufman new questions.

Now compare the doorway fingerprint with the engine fingerprint, and confirm it. Go to the doctor, and talk to that guy.

It has more bugs than any software I've ever seen - when you find evidence, to keep the game going, it refuses to recognize it. Click on the tear for a closer look. So head back to Brass, and get a warrant for Colby's house.