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Whoever breathes a sigh toward Me, draws Me to himself. Mechtilde in her Book of Special Grace pt. This was made known shortly after her birth. Some authorities believe that one of the authors was St. These are precisely the writers whose doctrines had been most assimilated by the mystics of Helfta, and thus they would the more appeal to the sympathies of the poet.

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It is related that the Florentines were accustomed to repeat daily before their sacred images the praises learned from St. For another among many points of resemblance between the two writers compare Purgatorio, Canto xxxi, where Dante is drawn by Matelda through the mysterious stream with pt. The idea of hearing the heartbeat of God was very important to medieval saints who nurtured devotion to the Sacred Heart.

When the saint understood that the book would tend to God's glory, she ceased to be troubled, and even corrected the manuscript herself. At the beginning of her own mystic life it may have been from St. There were numerous articles that mention the situation. Either someone has adopted a false name or was adopted but not by someone in the mainline.

The family of Hackeborn belonged to a dynasty of Barons in Thuringia who were related to the Hohenstaufen family and had possessions in northern Thuringia and in the Harz Mountains. Mechtildis most likely still reposes at Old Helfta, though the exact spot is unknown. She is particularly fond of the angels, whom she loves to picture as the associates of men on earth and in heaven.

Anyway, I don't know that it means anything, but I found it interesting. If you want to know it well, you will not find it expressed more clearly anywhere than in the Gospel. She learned that two nuns in whom she had especially confided had noted down the spiritual favours granted her.

All her life she held this office and trained the choir with indefatigable zeal. Not accusing anyone or implying any deeper meaning, just noticing. Women such as Saint Mechtilde and Saint Gertrude d.

John Eudes Another female religious St. Mechtilde was employed in the convent looking after the library, illuminating scripts, and writing her own texts in Latin. Her feast is celebrated on the anniversary of her death. Mechtilde wrote many prayers.

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This interpretation is supported by the fact that St. This was Gertrude who in later generations became known as St. Iconography She is usually represented with scales and sword. But, if you look at the shadow related to bush and flowers on the right side, the light is coming in low and to the right.

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He gave her His Sacred Heart as a pledge of His love, as a place of refuge during her life and as her consolation at the hour of her death. In her revelations Christ, the Virgin, and other members of the hierarchy of heaven enter as living realities. Yes, Cornelie Cecilie is mentally handicapped.

In more places than one the revelations granted to the mystics of Helfta seem in turn to have become the inspirations of the Florentine poet. Boccaccio tells how, a few years after the death of Mechtilde, the book of her revelations was brought to Florence and popularized under the title of La Laude di donna Matelda. Here, being highly gifted in mind as well as in body, she made remarkable progress in virtue and learning. Hi Marlene, Great pix, as always.

It is related that the Florentines