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Characters we like and dislike have shared their intimate thoughts. The latest tweets from kelly thiebaud kellythiebaud. Around the same time, Dante and Lulu discovered that their remaining embryos were missing from the lab while Liesl demanded that Britt assist her with her legal matters.

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Bryan craig morgan corinthos and kelly thiebaud britt westbourne. Britt Westbourne was first introduced in the fall of when she asked her colleague, Dr.

Nikolas came to Britt's aide and allowed her to temporarily stay with him. Britt was frustrated with Patrick's grieving process and with the friendship he was developing with Sabrina. Britt moved back in with Nikolas but her happiness was tempered by the secret that she had orchestrated Spencer's disappearance. In exchange, que son bienes culturales universalis yahoo dating Britt ensured that Brad received a promotion. Sabrina then tells Patrick this and he dumps Britt.

Who is he dating right bryan craig and kelly thiebaud dating now? General hospital's bryan craig and kelly thiebaud dating. Although Patrick was hesitant to move on, he and Britt began dating.

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Britt remained in love with Nikolas but feared that he would never forgive her and that he would find happiness with Elizabeth instead. Britt sneaked back into town for a brief visit with Brad and her mother during the Nurses Ball.

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Britt's mother was disappointed with Britt's inability to eliminate Sabrina from Patrick's life. Liesl Obrecht, a known associate of international criminal Cesar Faison.

She delivers Patrick and Sabrina's pre-mature son on the side of the road and continues to care for the baby at the hospital. Britt was ready for their relationship to become intimate and she made her interests clear to Patrick.

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However, Britt became concerned over the growing closeness between Patrick and Sabrina after they spent New Year's Eve together. As the party drew near, Britt was plagued by her guilty conscience and she confessed what she had done in a letter to Lulu. Both Brad and her mother believed that she needed to fight for Nikolas using underhanded methods. Britt confronts Sabrina and tells her to stay away from Patrick and to never babysit again. Britt notices that Sabrina has a crush on Patrick, but doesn't view it as a threat, initially.

She had no intention of sharing the letter and believed that she had burned it. She is intent on starting a serious relationship with him following a few dates, and appoints nurse Sabrina Santiago Teresa Castillo to look after his daughter Emma Drake Brooklyn Rae Silzer. Something you can't do as an actor is judge your character, but it's very easy to do that. General hospital news and spoilers say a few weeks after bryan craig's final air date as morgan corinthos, he and fianc e kelly thiebaud. Elizabeth ended up with the written confession and gave it to Lulu on the night of the party.

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