Brazil hook up

Brazil hook up

Rony Mariano Bezerra defeated Anistavio Medeiros by submission armbar in the first round. Demian Maia makes a guest appearance and visits Team Vitor to see his pupil Sarafian. Delson Heleno discusses with his teammates that members from both teams share a room.

The fighters show their respect for Trinaldo because of his kindly demeanor and his cooking. Belfort announces the next featherweight fight and matches Damm against Teixeira. Rodrigo Damm and Anistavio Medeiros have a verbal argument in the bus on the way back home in regards to making jokes about the other team. Belfort argued that it was supposed to be that way and what kind of world it would be if God answered everyone's prayers.

Medeiros is upset

Afterwards, Silva gets incensed at Belfort's pick of the fight because it involved two friends fighting each other. The Team Wanderlei coaches scold the team for not listening and likened them to rough diamonds not trusting the hands that want to polish them. While Bezerra is working out with a punching bag, Damm asks him to stop because it is disturbing others.

Team Wanderlei pulls a prank on the green team, drawing a mustache, beard, and boat hat on a large poster of Belfort. Daniel Sarafian defeated Renee Forte by submission rear naked choke in the second round.

He hopes to be able to return the favor and make his daughters proud of him by succeeding in the competition. One of the fighters asked about Cigano's efforts to reduce dengue fever in parts of Brazil. He meets with all of the fighters prior to the fight. Silva is upset that Rony Mariano Bezerra and Anistavio Medeiros, who have been friends for two years, are forced to fight each other. Bezerra approaches the fighters and coaches of Team Vitor at the training center and explains the situation of the previous night.

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He was temporarily locked outside the house, but made enough noise to be let back inside. He suggests that the rooms should be split so that only people from a single team stay in it. Medeiros is upset that he was the last person picked. In Australia it became their fourth consecutive top ten hit from the album peaking at number seven.

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Belfort tells him that he still wanted him on his team, regardless of in what order he was picked. Godofredo Castro defeated Wagner Campos by unanimous decision after two rounds. In Detective Jax's eyes, that's all the proof he needs.

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