Best nyc dating blogs

Best nyc dating blogs

Articles range from activism information and news to practical tips for living a green lifestyle. You can easily relate to her, reading about her weight loss goals and challenges, and how running has helped her change her life for the better. Read all about this charming lady in The Bull Runner.

Eat Drink Better A huge part of the environmental movement and climate change is food production and consumption. It has everything you want to know about off-road running, including running events, the latest tidbits on elite runners, advice and tips, and related news and updates.

She lives up to that by not only offering tips on sustainable, eco-friendly living, but by posting about varied topics like camping, tiny houses, and recipes. Herself an overweight runner, Julie pours a lot of energy on The Fat Girls Guide to Running, writing articles that will help newbies start running. Feet Meet Street Running without humor can get boring so if you want to have a few laughs while learning something new, check out Feet Meet Street.

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Ben lost lbs and brought himself out from depression. She runs miles on most days, and just like many of us, she absolutely loves running and food.

She pushes herself to the limits and loves every minute of it. The Green Miles focuses mostly on environmental issues and news, mainly about causes of climate change, energy, and extreme weather. Recycle Nation offers the answers to many of these questions and more. You will enjoy reading every post.

All articles are written by Alex Hutchinson, who talks about various topics relating to the science of exercise and fitness. It really is mind over matter. Run Westchester is his running journal where he details his experiences, challenges, triumphs, and heartaches. Be inspired by his story, or laugh at his jokes.

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The Pistachio Project is also one of the hosts to Simply Natural Saturdays, which rounds up a list of natural living links each week. Get some insights and inspiration from such a humble individual, and perhaps you too will feel motivated to finish an ultramarathon, or two, or perhaps three. Look no further than the Ecopreneurist.

Dirty Boots, do a whole lot around their home to be self-sufficient. Check out his podcasts and articles dedicated to running here.

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Nicholas Campitelli, better known as Dr. We live to run which is quite interesting really, because in essence, running lets us live life to the fullest. She also talks about her postpartum race plans and how she balances motherhood with her career and running. RunGiaRun Marathon runner Gia Alvarez equates training with racing, so she always trains hard and pushes herself to the limit.

Troubleshooting, comparisons of different energy options, and ways to save energy are all topics they cover, making this a great resource for anyone looking to green their home. Check out his then and now pics here. Fast forward several years later and he achieved a lot of running awards including the Hudson-Mohawk Marathon, the mile Himalayan Stage Race, and the Napa Marathon. He is a certified coach and has a competitive record in running, triathlon, and cycling.

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On Eco Warrior Princess, she writes on the subjects of ethical eco-friendly fashion, avoiding consumerisim, and other green living topics. From infographics to green beauty tips and real food, Robin is helping to make it easier to live a satisfying green lifestyle. As a guy who thoroughly enjoys running, he now also enjoys a healthier and stronger mind and body even at his age. IronBrandon Brandon Woods a. Green Building Elements As we move into the future, the best-case scenario is that we continue to improve the way we build, making more of our structures eco-friendly and energy efficient.