Be2 online dating complaints against lawyers

Be2 online dating complaints against lawyers

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This section is where you receive messages. You can do a search based on age, height and you can also use the advanced search options. The terms and conditions where hard to find and when I did find them they were contradictory and confusing. This way we can use this to our advantage.

In this situation we received no emails at all. But in every situation we have encountered the women sending us those emails were fake.

In this case we got no emails at all. This company has no integrity and I firmly believe this is a scam.

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The reason that dating scams use email messages is to lure you into upgrading so you can communicate back to the women sending you the emails. Uploading a photo is probably a good idea if you're serious about meeting someone.

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You can also edit your age, profession, education, city, country, height. When we create our dating profile we make sure not to use any photographs and leave out as much information as possible. This is where you fill out your profile. Since looks are they going to be the first thing that catches someone's eye when viewing your profile.

So we have to conclude they're not using automated chat bots to deceive us so we buy a paid monthly subscription. The search options enables you to search according to smoking habits, drinking habits, religion, ethnic group, language spoken and also you can choose regions in your country you want to search for.