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After the match Richards and Love

After a kiss from Deaner at ringside, Love was stunned and lost the match. Love and Sky saved Lacey Von Erich, who was making a return from her injury, from a beating at the hands of Rayne and Tara and accepted her back into The Beautiful People. Career match to win the Women's Knockout Championship for the fourth time. Knowing this, Love interfered in the Ladder Match to ensure Kim's victory and Roxxi's head being shaved bald. Love entered a storyline where a woman named Winter started appearing in mirrors, claiming to be her fan, though only Love was able to see her.

Rayne turned on Wilde

After quickly defeating Bolt, Love questioned why Cute Kip was still appearing with them and officially fired him from the group. However the celebration was cut short by Kong. This was explained on-screen by Sky, who stated that Kip was on probation before declaring he would be spoken about no more.

Rayne turned on Wilde in the tag team match giving The Beautiful People the win. Later in the show, Love attacked Rayne, after the two hugged, establishing herself as a heel in the process. After the match, Richards and Love attacked Alisha and Eddie, with Love establishing herself as a villainess.

Later in the show Love attacked

After failing in her attempt to win the title, both Love and Winter attacked James. Love won a key by eliminating Lacey Von Erich, and it was later revealed that her key opened the box, which contained the Knockout Championship, making her a three-time champion.

She did not reveal her bikini because Palmer Cannon interrupted, which led to a match, where Love managed Cannon against Tommy Dreamer. Despite the numbers being even with the acquisition of Rayne, The Beautiful People failed to defeat their opponents. With Kong unable to move from the cage, Wilde dove onto Love with a cross body press and legitimately knocked her unconscious with her knee.

Love narrowly escaped a somersault leg drop from Kong, and as she was recovering Love pushed her towards the cage while Sky pulled her frayed hair through the holes in the cage and tied her to it. Prior to the match it was announced that the title would change hands via disqualification, if either Velvet Sky or Lacey Von Erich interfered in the match. This led to the debut of Tara who laid out both Sky and Rayne and used her Widow's Peak finisher on Love, before accepting the challenge. After this they had mud dropped on them from the ceiling. After the match Love and Sky were attacked by Rayne and the biker.

Immediately following the match, Vaine ordered the match to restart, resulting in Vaine pinning Williams. Her all-time favorite wrestler Shawn Michaels was her inspiration to get into wrestling. Later in the evening the referee was seen leaving Rayne's shower, with the implication she had seduced him to officiate the match in Love's favour.

After quickly defeating Bolt Love