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Start-ing with a stock of letters borrowed from the Romans, the Irish and German tribes, it has evolved with the Eng-lish language for years. Mistakes don't necessarily prevent us understanding the message. Over the centuries it has adapted words from many other languages, including coffee from Arabic and Turkish, broccoli from Italian and sushi from Japanese. Its rules are not arbitrary commandments, but the ongoing, living response to how people can express their ideas in writ-ing in an ever-devel-oping and changing world. Italian or Finnish use such links virtually all the time.

The second function of spelling is then to show what words mean. Some words have unique spellings all of their own, such as colonel and yacht. Yeats wrote pecul-iar-ities as peculer-aritys, and Hemingway wrote professional as proffess-ional. Punct-uat-ion marks were introduced and their use gradually stabil-ised, the apost-rophe last and most eccentric of all.

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One of its functions is indeed to show the sounds of words. English spelling is far more systematic than most people sus-pect. After the system had to cope with a deluge of words derived from French and Latin, such as tricherie treach-ery and nice.

The most talented writers make spelling mistakes. Unique words have to be rememb-er-ed as one-off spellings, such as sapphire or chamois leather shammy.

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You do not have to know how they are said to get their meaning. The great asset of English has always been its flexib-ility. The difference between Shaw and Chomsky comes down to how they think spelling works.

Our discussions of spelling often suggest that there is an ideal of perfect spelling that people should strive for. It is indeed important for the international use of English that it is not too closely tied to speech.

Whatever the language a word comes from, English spelling can handle it. Keats once spelled fruit as furuit, W.

At the same time the pronunciation of English has been chang-ing. Buy Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary at Amazon.

The most talented

Much world business uses written Eng-lish although the writers are not native speakers. We still know what cemetary, Mens Toilets or england mean. Some systems of writing, such as Chinese, work primarily by linking whole symbols to meanings in this way. People from Houston, Glasgow, Hong-Kong or Bristol understand each other's writing but might well not under-stand each other's speech.

All this change and outside influence has meant that English spelling now presents a rich set of possibilities for our use and entertainment. The English writing system is the rich and fertile creation of those who use English.