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Where can I find MIDI Sound Bytes

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Where can I find MIDI Sound Bytes

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Help is only an e-mail away. Time was when an Englishman could happily gawp at a single sentence for an hour at a time. He who dies with the most toys, still dies. It is a stellar example of creating and using a sound bite that people will remember.

AAA Grade Sound Byte CB Noise Toy Made Only by E.E.S

The Original Sound-Byte can only be purchased from E. Metaphors are also powerful.

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In this regard a sound bite phrase is useful. Not priced to clean out an interested person's pocketbook.

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Custom Sound Bytes Are Always Available and no extra charge is applied to coordinate getting the sound you want into one of these players. You might be able to find classical midi files that will of have scale parts that you can modify. Just right and what you say becomes memorable. Sound-Bytes are top notch in all categories. Please Help Enjoy Sound Bytes?