Really cute story with a nice plotline. The concept is basically that you are a regular human that is living a regular life and one day according to fate these super hot devils were destined to kill you. You're still living with the devils, I actually thought before playing that he'd find you out fairly quickly and whisk you away to some Angel House or something but no. Pleasantly surprised at Haruhitos route in the Devil Winter Wonderland story talking about his sister for example.

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There were some plot holes and as I said his sequel isn't any better. What he didn't tell you at first was that the woman was an angel in love with a human, and he used his powers to extend his lifeline to to being a toastee so they could be together. Anyways, Tsubasas route plays a lot like Rein's route with a similar sadbomb because they don't know what the other is.

On top of that that relying on yourself and accepting no one into your life is no way to live. But somethings gotta come to break that up. But at the same time, she shows him that fate is not set in stone. Remember how I said these two are like peanut butter and jelly? Matching based solely on physical attraction is just asking for awkward conversations, horrendous disagreements, and unsolicited dick pics down the road.

10 Days with My Devil / Characters - TV Tropes

Especially in his own route. When he was old enough in fact they threw him out. But i elevated to secrete you, is adoringly some. Rein and Haruhito go together like peanut butter and jelly in their routes.

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Ever since the first route I played I'd been eagerly anticipating playing his route. At least until one of the Sequels endings but eh. Great all around realistic pacing and falling in love. The angel you'd have no idea about if you didn't play Satorus routes or Reins route. You just don't get a break do ya man?

  1. He even cosplays as one of them in a contest.
  2. Each chapter is hella short.
  3. She was actually waiting for Satoru as he promised her a date.
  4. He's too similar to myself and it felt like I was pursuing myself.
  5. Later on the sadbomb hits and he has to break the rules once again to save someone he loves, you.

Though that was mostly just a desire to sleep with you, his desire gradually turned into that of possessiveness. What am I talking about, this is just an otome game. Okay all of them were pretty good.

He got really Dream and from the past when he became jealous due to a miscommunication I've learned when something like that happened before it was. Anyways, once he realizes his tsundere feelings for you and gets your affections away from the guy, the dude hacks into the fate database and takes you off the list. Has plot holes like Haruhito and the Sequels don't compliment it. And in the end Haru decides to forsake his angel-ship and saves you, which makes him actually become a human in punishment. The reason for suck magyks is because as an angel, Haruhito became close to a human, and with his job as an angel to take to heaven to be reincarnated, failed.

It's short and only gives you a glance at them dating after the events of the main event. Nice follow up that wraps up some demonic conflict but doesn't bring much new to the table. As a result he has used that as an advantage in both climbing the ladder of success in the Demon World to manipulating woman to play around with. Meguru Kurobane is the last of the demons you will be living with. To which they then become partners in crime of sorts.

You end up having to pick one of them to be in charge of you for those ten days, and thats when the prologue ends. There are available all hours and days. And he was all smiley and friendly with you because it's his job and unless it's his job he wants nothing to do with you, similarly to Satorus route. The only thing with Shiki is that his personality doesnt match those of my favourite Toriumi characters.

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Kakeru Kamui

Epilogues aren't that interesting. His left hand can destroy anything it touches. Rein even admits that a good deal of his own whimsical behavior is an attempt to fill the void left by Haruhito's absence. You keep bumping into each other, going on dates, and Rein realizes pretty quickly that he loves you too. Sometimes, whereas the site's planners crashed, he would mint the minute mint to intervarsity during a.

Megurus especially was funny oh man. And you can similarly become a human through magyks. He was too friendly with the human and didn't take them away.

10 Days with My Devil

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Tropes applicable to the main characters

The element of danger and death really gives a huge impact on the emotional involvement that you have in this game. But, this game has something that most other voltage games lack. But yeah that bothered me ahaha.

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Satoru is an interesting character and he even has some funny oddity's about him. Were getting some Shin Megami Tensei timeline crazy up in here. In that regard he's very defeatist in comparison to characters like Shiki or Meguru.

10 Days with My Devil

  • And even tells you later when it looks like Reins dick too bomb to leave that he's an angel.
  • And I love that about this game.
  • You are not only fighting for love but fighting for your life!
  • Jim s powers have a drawback if he concentrates too strongly on one sense, he may become oblivious to his immediate father anthony messeh dating.
  • He has such a sexy deep voice and just imagining that voice every time Haruhito says something make me nosebleed till I pass out!

Which causes most of the melodrama in this. Pisces men and Scorpio women have some of the hottest, deepest, romantic bonds. On the whole, he runs his crew like a cross between an office manager and an exasperated older brother. By continuing to use this website, dating urlaub asien you agree to their use.

He viewed everyone as simply wanting something from him and when he gets nothing in return he simply cuts them off. He slacks off to go play whatever random thing pops into his head and is the least dedicated to his job. Which you'll see of in his Sequels a lot! Though I think Haruhito himself is pretty cool once you get to know him. Because It was hard for me to play his route without thinking of myself.

This is not one of those thankfully. He's a bit of a player in that regard, at the beginning seeing many woman and using their assets as people of power or money to his own advantage. Part of the route is to help Meguru control his own power. This is typically used for a pay as you play games such as Voltage Mobages.

He's central even in routes he's not in for this reason. Again both characters have the same voice actor which is the super serious and sexy Toriumi Kousuke who is my favrourite Seiyuu of all time. He can cook and clean too. The higher ups find out and punish him for it, but don't toast you because you got taken off it. As luck would have it Tsubasa's a model.

Kakerus was the best from that side story so I guess they decided to cash in on that lmao. Kakeru's mom is the queen and Megurus mom is some harlot or something lmao. Kakeru is also very protective of Shiki, and is the first to worry about him, nz hookup sites no matter how much he may deny it. These online avenues have opened daring an eligible dating pool particularly for certain groups that might not have as many offline antony opportunities. When the heroine manages to earn his trust and he finally opens up to her he's really sweet and goes out of his way to make her happy as seen in his Christmas and Dating a Demon routes.

Litchfield is a town in and former county seat of Litchfield. He is a very random character. He's a tsundere that's why. His romance is interesting but can get annoying sometimes.

10 Days with My Devil (Visual Novel) - TV Tropes

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10 Days With My Devil

Due to his Dark and Troubled Past he's been very lonely because his parents were always busy due to being part of the aristocracy. Kakeru's and Shiki's were especially good and Rein's actually in this one whoa! Every song in this soundtrack hits a soft spot for me and it just enhances the atmosphere and impact of the story.

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